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Support is donkeyballs - Windows 11 raiju controller crashing windows

  • 8 February 2022
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Dear Reader,

I tried to make a supportcase for my razer raiju controller crashing Windows 11.
Guess what?
Razer sucks at supportcases, and/or resolving this.
worst experience I ever had with support requests in my life.

This is the last time I ever buy a Razer product.

With kind regards,


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How it's crashing Windows 11?
BSOD? Explorer.exe crash?

What do you have in windows event viewer?

I created a support case on this issue, And after a back and forth of multiple troubleshooting steps this case has been forwarded to a third level technical support case after I used the chat on the support website of Razer.
They will be contacting me in 2 a 3 days. So hopefully this will be resolved after Razer has an updated driver for Windows 11. After analysis of the bsod dmp files it seems to be a driver issue. Deleting the driver file will solve the crashing problem, however this makes the controller useless.
And this all doesn't really change how the support is handled, the people of Razer are kind and try to help, however the overall support is bad, It seems to be difficult to get decent support on this case.

Dear readers,

as of now this is the response

(I am not the only one)

with kind regards,

This has of course been tried. However the driver installed is the newest driver available from the Razer website.
This driver is for OS Windows 10, Windows 11 driver is not available as far as I can find.
However I deleted the driver manually, deleted the device, rebooted the system, Installed the device. (It gets a default driver from windows) this seems to work, however the controls are not what they are suppose to be.
Installing the RzXinputRaiju.sys driver crashes the pc one the installation is complete, with a couple of seconds delay before it crashes.
Mentioned this is a driver issue multiple times over the past days, however this is ignored by the Razer support team. The support case has been escalated to next level support. Which doesn't seem to happen or isn't much difference. Either the support case is now at a third or forth level support.
Or as of today the supportcase is escalated to the next level support. Since the response signature says the person is from a different support team.

All this still doesn't change the fact that the support of Razer is one of the worst I have ever seen, if not the worst at all.
The point that your response seems to mention the driver problem and Razer support is ignoring this is also WILD.
Dear Readers,

My supportcase has been moved to a different support team. Which confirmed this might be a driver issue. This I progress, that being said the solution of installing the synapse software isn't the solution, This had already been tried, and didn't fix the problem. Also the synapse software has a list of compatible devices, The razer raiju controller isn't on this list.
Then the part of the raiju controller itself, This controller was sold with the option of repairs. One of the reasons I bought the controller. Now the controller isn't broken, however Razer says the controller can't be repaired. This goes directly against the promise of the ability of getting spare parts and repairing the controller.
The issue here is, the provided drive goes as far as Windows 10, The new operating system is Windows 11. The driver needs to be updated, rewritten or recompiled or all of the above.
Again the support team asks for proofs and info that has already been provided multiple times.
After multiple back and forwards, It is clear Razer does not know what customer support is, Razer's only focus is selling overpriced products, and doesn't care for customer support and/or returning customers,
I stand by my 1 star rating, If it was possible I would give it 0 zero stars, This is the first company I know that really deserves a 0 zero star rating, Because they are in a league of there own, albeit at the negative part of the scale.


Dear Readers,

Yet again I receive some kind of email, this time the workload has been to much. However the response times are not the problem. The content and or solutions provided from Razer are the problem.
Last solution offered is try downloading the driver and install it. The same exact driver that has been downloaded and installed multiple times before, Which is most likely the cause of the problem.
There is no way to get through to these people or this company.


Apparently under windows Device Manager if you go into the Human Interface Devices, there's a separate driver for raiju. What I had to do was go and update it and instead of going for online solutions just go the manual way and opting into compliant game controller option. I genuinely bumped into the solution on this sub minutes after posting this. Thank you nonetheless and sorry for bothering y'all!

On side note, does anyone know why does the separate Raiju driver causes this?
Agreed, the Razer Raiju controller doesn't work with the Razer RzXinputRaiju driver. The only way to make it work is with default drivers. However not all games will properly without the RzXinput driver. However if the default driver work for you cheers.
I will try deleting all the controllers, And see it will work properly after that within the game.
I am done with Razer and Razer support. If this doens't work I will buy a different controller from a different brand.
Not useing or buying anything every again from Razer.
Never have seen anything this bad from any company.
There is no 360 controller in the HID list, however there is a default HID compliant game controller.
The unplugging and plug in the controller now doesn't crash Windows 11, Which again confirms this is most likely a Driver issue. However Razer support and Razer Feedback isn't responding anymore.
However this makes the controller useless in Dark souls, Which was the reason I needed to install the driver.
So I am back at the start, Windows isn't crashing when I plug in the the controller, however the controller is now useless. And a expensive paperweight.
Thanks to all for the responses, after 2 weeks of troubleshooting it's bad that there is no good solutions,
Installing the controller driver and not unplugging it, or plug it in when the device is not started seems the only option.
The other option is for Razer to update the driver, which hasn't been done for years, so I am guessing this isn't going to happen.
Dear Readers,

Razer has me going in circles by asking me to install the driver that is the problem and the reason I made the support case and this forum post to begin with.
Now Razer has reverted even further, And is stating that it is a Playstation 4 controller. Which it has been for years, And even Playstation 4 controllers are working fine with Windows.
I am officially done with this, Razer is not willing or able to provide a driver that is compatible with Windows 11.
All Razer support and feedback teams seems to be doing is fooling and toying around with their customers, just to avoid or evade actually solving the problems.
Many thanks to all that are willing to think with me and try to help me. This forum is of more use that the Razer teams themselves.

With kind regards,

Hi Ramon.

We regret to hear your thoughts about this entire concern you have with your controller. Upon review on your case, it appears that it was initially advised that the reason the controller is not detected by Synapse as it intended only for console. Please know that our team is trying to rectify your driver concern, however driver and software updates are beyond our scope this time. They are constantly working on supporting many more use cases and devices. Anyhow, we respect your opinion and we acknowledge your feedback
We greatly appreciate your patience.

Best Regards,

Razer Customer Advocacy
Dear Readers,

Bought a sony playstation DS4 controller, which is working fine on windows 11 including the xinput part.
Problem solved. And no more fooling and toying around from Razer.


Have the exact same issue, crashing windows 11 :/

Sad to find out there won't be a fix, was an expensive controller.
Have the exact same issue, crashing windows 11 :/

Sad to find out there won't be a fix, was an expensive controller.

I am sorry to hear that. Razer informed me that the product and driver are end of life.
And razer is not willing to update the driver. So the Raiju controller isn't supported anymore.
They advice to buy a new product. I bought a Playstation controller.
I went back to using the Xbox one elite controller for the time being, although I guess it will be a permanent change now.