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[SUPPORT] New Videos Added to Our Support YouTube Channel

  • 23 November 2020
  • 77 replies

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We live in a world where looking up a YouTube video is so much easier. Visit our official Support YouTube for guides to common issues. We also have a thread in Support that lists all the videos with links to the YouTube page.

Like and subscribe our YouTube videos if you like what you see. Leave a helpful comment, say hello or even a helpful tip with your Insider name for a chance at some Silver.

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Newest Videos:

How to fix the Razer Blade when the network adapter is not detected

How to setup Ripsaw HD from attaching cables to setting up OBS

How to fix the Razer Core if the GPU is not detected

How to fix the Razer Blade if it does not turn on immediately after sleep or hibernate

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77 Replies

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It will surely help a lot to set up Razer gadget
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Great job Razer team!
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Good jobs Razer Team~
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This is a great addition!
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I like the way Razer made videos to showcase the products.
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This is interesting. Good job Razer
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Nice Videos, good job.
amazing!!! I love you Razer
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This is a great addition for Razer community. How do we suggest more support content?
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Love this, great idea.
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A good quality idea that will help many people. Awesome is what i can say
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This is a good knowledge base to do initial troubleshooting! Kudos!
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Still the hardest problem to get the USBs in first time aint on those videos
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I like this idea of a community video for support. I see stuck users every day here in the forum confronting their issues with peripherals, i hope this will help them.
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One of the reason why i keep following Razer, they listen to the community and takes in our feedback for the best implementations.
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Seeing people having problems with their parts sucks, but i think the greatest help will come from those who can fix their problems and share the method with others through this support section.
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Hello friends,

I find the 3D models very successful and the explanations easy to understand.
These videos are very educational, congratulations to Razer support for their Youtube channel.
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more to add to my RAZER collection
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That's a great support for the community.
Your online support sucks. I have to google for a support phone number to talk to someone, I can't find the chat option anywhere and I'm forced to use email communication.

I really don't want to talk with individuals who use English as a second language as it makes communication about honoring warranties very frustrating, especially when it feels like they are told to fight the customer regarding honoring warranties. We're told its fellow gamers who are supporting us, but it comes off as an outsourced third party generic call center. Especially since the call quality is horrible, the "on hold music" sounds like a dial up modem trying to stream HQ music.

Almost two months into my open case about honoring my warranty. Being asked multiple times if I have trouble shooted, even though they claim they read my case notes where I stated I tried all avenues, in detail, that would not violate my warranty weeks ago.

I get responses such as "Well your warranty ends in August 2021 and has expired, if you like to dispute this, please provide a receipt".. I physically face palmed. I really hope my situation gets fixed as promised (after transferring support case numbers) and they send me the RMA paperwork. Not sure they will though to be honest, most likely I will have to call them again.

Seriously, I like your products but your service is about to turn me away to a competitor.
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Keep growing!
Razer is always onfire!!!
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Sounds great! Just to let you know, you got yourselves a new subscriber.