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Support times are wrongly stated on the webpage

  • 22 December 2019
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On Razer states that there is european phone support available from 9 to 18 CET every day.

Support Hotline Europe
Monday - Sunday 09-18 CET

As last resort I just tried calling there (15:30). A automatic answering told me that I would call outside of supporting times. Support is only available from Monday to Friday.

It's f***ing unbelieveble how bad Razers support is when it comes to reality.
- tickets are not answered / ignored
- tickets get automatically closed without working solutions
- tickets created by Razer supporters are not accessible by the customers
- warranty check claims 4 week old Tartarus Pro would have run out of warranty already
- support gives constantly wrong statements: "work hard on it" when Razer product manager decided "will not do" half a year ago

What's wrong with you Razer ?


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2 Replies

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Thanks for bringing the call time listing to Razer's attention. I am having somebody look into it.
If the clock on your device constantly resets after you power it off, this might indicate that the battery cell that runs the real-time clock is getting low or is empty. Please consult your manufacturer's manual on how to replace the CMOS battery.

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