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Synapse 2.0

So, I had a Razer Kraken USB which had a good sound and it was enchanced by using synapse 2.0. I loved it, but it broke, so I bought a new one. My new headset is not compatible with synapse, so I cannot set it up on the software. The thing is, the sound now is a bit weird, I don't know if that is because I am not used to it or because I cannot use synapse to increase its quality. It is not about surround or spatial sound, it is about the sound itself. It is hard to explain the difference, but the sound with synapse felt like much more "smoother" to my ears. Again, it maybe just a difference in the sound and not in quality, so I have to get used to it. But what I want is information about what exactly does synapse enchance in the headset, so maybe I could receive a few suggestions about how to approach the sound from my new headset to the previous one.

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I always do a "headphone burn-in", since I bought Creative Aurvana Headphones (long, looooong time ago, the headphones were recommended almost everywhere). When I've got it I was dissapointed by audio quality, which was muffled, so I just left my headphones working (playing music) for a many of hours (many I mean about 150-200h, some users recomended up to 1000 hours burn-in), and the sound was a lot better after that.

You should try to do that. Also be sure, that your audio drivers doesn't have some sound effects on.
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As far as your dead Kraken USB, I'm assuming another Razer product... but which one?