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Synapse compatibility

  • 7 December 2020
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Does anyone know if Razer is planning on making Synapse 2.0 (or the new 3) compatible with Mac OSX 10.15? I needed a new mouse since my first deathadder I got years ago is showing signs of being at the end of its lifetime. So I picked up myself a new deathadder v2.... but it isn't being recognized by my synapse app. Do you think this is because on the website it's only listed as being compatible with up to OSX 10.14? (Even though it still functions fine with my old mouse and keyboard that I'm currently using) If so, does anyone know/think Razer will make upgrades to make it compatible with the new mac operatring system (probably not the newest as I rarely update, but at least to 10.15)? Any thoughts or previous experience would be nice to hear. I'm due for a new computer anyway and was thinking non-mac, but it'd be nice if the mouse would work (of course it "works" without synapse, but I can't program the buttons or profiles or change DPI and stuff like that) until that switch happens.

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There's no official update yet and so we cannot be sure about eh synapse support/compatibility on Mac OS.

If you really want to, you can try checking with the office Razer support and see if you can get a clue or information on it of some sort. Cheers!