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Synapse Randomly Lost My Profile?

Not sure if this counts as technical support but I'm curious if it's a known bug. Synapse updated itself last night , everything seemed fine. Then this morning just put of the blue my mouse (a basilisk v3 if that matters) drops sensitivity and the colour goes from the fixed one I set it to to the default colour cycling. Weird but maybe synapse just crashed. Computer restarts , it's still on low sensitivity and colour cycling, open synapse up and for whatever reason all my settings and changes are gone, the mouse looks like it did when I first bought it and the profile is just "quick start"(nothing saved) Is stuff like this common router login? Can I get my stuff back or am I just going to need to reinput myouse settings? I've had the mouse for the better part of the year and this is the first time something like this has happened and I'm worried about if it's a hardware fault or a bug or if it's some really weird malware thing Thanks for any help in advance and I'm sorry for the block of text.

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