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Thoughts on new (2020) Razer Blade Base 15"

  • 7 July 2020
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I have been using MacBook Pros since 2007, and I needed a Windows-based laptop for work stuff. I also own a 2018 MacBook Pro 15", which is a beauty.

I first got the Surface Laptop 3, which I love. However, the thing came with a cracked screen in one corner, and I read that this is a common issue and MS has no solution other than to keep replacing the screen until the warranty runs out. I'm not keeping it just to have it break on me all the time and to always be scared of moving it.

So now I have the Surface Laptop 3 and the brand new 2020 base model Razer Blade 15.

Right away I noticed a few things:

1. Razer blade's screen is much dimmer than the Surface, and the Surface was ragged on for not having a bright-enough display....??? How come I didn't hear any reviewers complain about this?

2. The Razer is a big boy, feels more like a desktop computer that you can carry with you than a laptop.

3. The Razer is always warm, even doing nothing. I don't understand why this is. It should be cold to the touch, like my Surface Laptop 3 and my MBP. What's it going to feel like doing anything remotely system intensive?

4. Speakers - are you f*cking serious??? They sound horrible. Way too quiet, no presence, tinny, sounds like they are coming from under the laptop. What is the point of those big speaker grills and this huge case when the speaker sounds like it's coming from a flip phone?

5. Trackpad - takes too much pressure to press. Learn from Apple. Hell, learn from the Surface Laptop 3. Also there doesn't seem to be any palm rejection. As I'm typing, all of a sudden the cursor jumps to another place and messes me up, often. Again, learn from the other two.

Overall - feels kind of like I'm using my 2007 MacBook Pro again, but with the ugly windows UI. In 2007 apple had a better UI than Windows in 2020... smh. Especially at FHD. Why no QHD? It feels outdated to use 1080p. Nothing I have is 1080p except the Razer laptop. The 4k doesn't make sense either. QHD for laptops is perfect, why didn't they make it with QHD?

In summary, I feel a little disappointed with the purchase. I honestly feel like I'm using something from 15 years ago, coming from modern Apple devices. This is supposed to be the top of the line for Windows-based laptops, and except for the much sleeker Surface Laptop, it is. Trust me, I've watched every laptop review for every decent laptop out there. Anyway... it's like American muscle cars vs European sports cars. American is big, bulky, not refined, heavy, kind of raw, a little outdated, interior 😕 That's how I feel about this laptop so far... sorry, not a huge fan, but I'll use it for a week before I decide to return it and see if it grows on me.

BTW I'm using this for work/business/MS Office stuff, not so much for gaming. I got it because I don't like ugly things, and most things Windows-based are ugly.

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Well, I'm not waiting any longer, I'm returning it.

This has been a really disappointing purchase. My Surface Laptop 3 blows this thing out of the water in terms of the trackpad, screen resolution/contrast/brightness, form factor, heat dispersion, and more.

I don't care what's inside the laptop if it looks like something from 2007. The screen is terrible. Very dim... to think this is what they use on their $4000 laptops as well...

You guys that use these machines must not care, or have low standards for what is supposed to be a top of the line laptop in 2020. Try using a Macbook Pro and then try going back to a Razer laptop, it's not possible.

Bye Razer, you let me down!