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[TotW] 20 Years From Now

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I wanted one so badly as a kid.

What does gaming look like 20 years from now?

Let your imagination run wild!

We'll follow the same format as last week for giving out Silver. One person will be chosen at random for the big win and two others will be chosen for the quality of their responses.

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There are numerous online games launched in the market.

Some of them were very well known.

But still, some hidden gem was always forgotten.

Fairyland was one of them. I find it recently and recall all my good memories.

This game was launched in 2003 by Taiwan while the SARS pandemic in Asia. The original server was shut down due to the incompatible with the modern Window operation.

It was re-launch the server in 2019, it reminds at 21fps however...

As a gamer, we shouldn't focus on the most famous games, instead, we should discover those who still had potential but often forgotten. In the era of 2001~2008, there were so many good games introduced by Asia countries. Unfortunately, almost all of them failed to survive in mobile game shock and the global market.
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I liked to play games that are a long time ago, Runescape was one of the most memorable game.

I remember it was only a webpage game without any installment. A classic Java language to become a multiplayer online game platform.

They keep revamping the game in terms of graphics, contents, and combat systems.

They even interact with players for receiving their thoughts and make the whole company more transparent to players.

Unfortunately, Runescape keeps record a decline in the player pool. I love this game not merely for the gameplay, but for the enthusiastic programmers!!

A big thanks for all of them!
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i think it will be more virtual reality like in the ready player one movie.

the world of gaming will take place in a virtual world with real people and will be like a rpg type of game but there will be genres of gaming. like fps, moba, racing or sports.

with the beefy technologies given to us this year i think it is all posibble to make that into reality.

but of course there will be cons to this gaming concept.
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Maybe VR or AR with the classic games.
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Probably VR everywhere, or perhaps even holographic rooms (like in Star Trek).

And I guess many games ported from 3D to VR.
if its vr then the 20 years will probably go down to 3-5 years
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I think immersion would be a good avenue for companies to explore. We have more senses than just haptics and visuals so exploring them might be a good avenue since no company is doing it right now. No competition so:
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With how 2020 is going, its bold of you to assume there will be a 2040. Also if the last 20 years are a good indication we might only see advancements in graphics and AI based gaming.

So maybe now AI in games would actually behave like human actions. Since AI is the big frontier right now it will likely be AI either as PvE or as NPCs that actually aid gameplay.
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Hello Friends,

In 20 years, I imagine that we will all have a gaming smartphone that will allow us to play in virtual reality and augmented reality.
Thanks to its miniaturized holographic High Definition 3D microprojector and a volumetric sensor interface to capture all the movements of our body.
There will no longer be any need for an obsolete virtual reality headset, console or cloud streaming because it will be as powerful as the best calculator of its time.

The name of this device will be the Razerphone 2040 released in the year 2040.

Doctor Who did not want us to bring a copy to the Tardis this would risk destroying the space-time continent. 😛
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i love the powerglove

its so bad

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I would like to see a more realistic approach of gaming something like a visual reality room with more sences involved and hardly any equipment bothering you.Nosulus rift was a start if only we could use it on other games and smell more than just poop on southpark.
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Decades my man, what a fantastic thread topic.
Let's see.

Some of my favorite games from 20 years ago where Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun, the Crash Bandicoot Holy Trinity (1,2,3), Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere (today I have the Japanese version in a PSX emulator so shshshsh, don't tell anyone :cool_:), Gran Turismo 2, Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon, Tenchu 2 and of course the GOAT Halo CE. Let me tell ya, these are some serious nostalgia tear-jerkers for yours truly.

Taking into consideration how phenomenal they looked to my teenager's eyes at the time and also taking into account how insanely good UE5 games will look on PC as well as the graphic's quality from what we've seen so far from Crysis Remastered, Assassins Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077 and the most anticipated game (imo) of 2020 Halo Infinite, I'd say we're in for a massive treat in 20 years.

Movie-quality graphics for both desktop and VR games is the only thing I can safely imagine will happen. As for some next-generation game control interphases, I'd say maybe something like the power glove as the mid-tier solution between desktop and VR.
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I think after 20 years from now, gaming will be Olympic sports 😂
i hope 20 years from now is we get cheaper rtx cards bcs those things cost a fortune!!!
By 2040, I would imagine that we no longer have computers or phones, but BMI (brain-machine interface) devices that can be controlled via brain chip implant.
Clip implants would be in the form of electrodes injected into your brain with a transmitter to upload the information onto a wearable BMI.
By combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence, we would reach higher cognitive reasoning and learning process which would eventually allow us download information directly to our brain or to insert specific data cards with information into the brain chip. (Similar to how Neo in the Matrix learned Kung Fu).
In this regard, I would imagine that there will be a virtual combined consciousness that you would share with other humans and will be able to do things that you can't in the real world.
Wanna slay some dragons IRL?-I don't thinks so! But by inserting your 'games' data card, YOU [And I don't mean VR or via proxy (champion/avatar) in game, but you as urself] can do that and nonetheless YOU can play with other people connected to the combined consciousness and taking multiplayer games to the next level.
I haven't been gaming for maybe ten years yet, but in the past twenty years we have come from half-life to games now and vr. Aside from vr, the ideas for the game itself hasn't changed much, only updating graphics and gameplay. Vr offers a whole new world, possibly with whole square miles for just open exploration in the real world. Vr is definitely a new branch of gaming that could take off in the next twenty years, but i think many people might try to stay with pc/console fps games, because they have lasted so long. I haven't been around long enough to see 20 years of change in gaming, but as the years move on, the continued improvement on pc/console and then the growing popularity of vr seems to be where everything is moving.
I wish there would be some of those neural attatchments and everything that goes with ''wishful thinking''
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I think that games would become even more immersive, Your consciousness will be directly connectd ingame, and you will move as you think (in the limitation defined by th dev).
It will be possible yo plzy like this while sleeping.
No need to move IRL to move ingame.
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Gaming will become better in the future, that's for sure, i just hope that it won't become a luxury.
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Definitely going to be sensations plugged directly into the sense receptors of our brains, beyond VR.

Similar to the tech in Strange Days.
I think it will be like in Sword Art Online, what is kind of scary XD
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we can walk do anything and get sweet by playing the game?
BF6 could be good or