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[TotW] A RazerCon 2020 Post-Mortem

  • 14 October 2020
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I was expecting the Razer toaster to finally come true.
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Overall is just simply AMAZING ! I really love it !
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In the overall new product introduction, I enjoy most of it, like the kitty headset, finally had a wireless version.

I aim for the Razer's very first gaming chair, I was planning to buy one of the Dxracer version. But the New Iski is very expensive in comparison.

Just hoping it will be available to my region in near future.
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What were the disappointments?
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watched the whole thing and the only thing i was disappointed is my connection! im almost watching pixels slide together in some part of the stream! goodthing twitch on mobile can do audio only. i let my imagination flow of the things happening
I thought the whole event was amazing. From the keynote speech to the smooth transitions between presenters. The chroma controlled performances were amazing.

As far as the reveals I was a little underwhelmed with some of the new stuff. I was hoping razer would expand into more of the rgb hardware. For example would be expanding on the hardware development kit and making more light strips to connect to synapse. Another desire is to have synapse work more integrated with manufacturers products instead of using razer products as a master led to control products.

I did however like that we finally have a chair that looks to be more functional and not a cheap racing chair. I think the Sneki Snek was a great product for a great cause. Excited for mine to come in. I am glad Razer has also expanded on the cases. I would prefer to have the lighting ability that some of these cases have released as a product to make any case be controlled by synapse. The new microphone seemed like a perfect size and perfect price point for anyone who is looking to get into the streaming world like myself. I was also impressed with the new 13" Razer stealth. Smaller form factor with some power house specs. Not to mention thinner than a dime!

I was a little confused about the points system that everyone in chat kept bringing up. Did this have some kind of impact on the raffles or points for earn razer gear?

All in all I was impressed with Razercon and hope the company continues to have the event.

Side note: Was any formal announcement of the raffles or the battlestation show down annouced with pictures? Would have been cool to see who won and what the setups were like.
I was logged on about 830am PST and was there for the entire stream (cept for lunch and dinner and the occasional bathroom breaks). I honestly thought it was pretty cool. the last Con i had attended was years ago (blizzcon) and well it was overwhelming/busy - was so much to see and was hard to keep with the program and get to what i wanted to see/hear. with this streamed i found myself tuned into the program more and was able to keep up.

The keynote gave me some chills - just seeing how far Razer has come and what its doing for gamers, and the environment was even better. KUDOS!

The panels were awesome and gave me some insight on products (current and upcoming).....xmas lights ill be ordering for sure!

Senki Snek - I saved 20 trees that day - AWESOME. hopefully the pair of sneks will be here soon! also grabbed a base station because, well RGB of course.

yep....i was sold...pre-ordered the Iskur. cant wait for that to arrive - it will be replacing my Respawn chair which is only 8 months old.

After-party - i cannot even begin. lets start at synapse ync - WOW. from the get go it was cool, but when the music started going....it was game over - lights out in office and i found myself vibin' hard. loved it and cant wait for more streams from Razer to do this. what a delight.

great amount of panels, interviews and showcases - of course we (i speak for all of us) would have liked to see a Chroma Toaster unveil, but maybe next year hehe.

was pretty cool as i was a giveaway winner (no nothing big) but i got some Razer Gold and Silver - cool in my book.

love Razer as a company and what they are doing to help the world (masks) and the environment (sneki!)

all in all - for something that was a first-time try Razer in my opinion NAILED IT. I am looking forward to #Razercon2021 and all its glory.