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[TotW] Giving or Receiving?

  • 15 December 2020
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Live your life to it's fullest, you never know when it'll end.
I rarely recive, so i give my nephew new keybord and mouse (Ornata V2 and Basilisk V2).
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i would like to give if i have a chance but receiving is such a blessing tho
I'm new to Razer silver and I don't have enough to buy anything, but I hope I can get something nice next year.
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I wish i could get Razer Iskur 🙏
I'm giving away a Seiren Mini to my gf for her work zoom calls, introducing her to Razer 🙂
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tbh I love giving, but I suck at choosing gifts, and I do like receiving gifts but then at the same time I'm too introvert that I feel awkward when someone gift me something.

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Christmas came early.

covid season sure pushed the time fast
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I like doing both, i like to give presents as much as i can afford them. But i won't mind if i don't receive something back.
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Anyone have a spare RAZER mamba USB wireless dongle they can give away?

For more details, visit the following forum
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A pair of True Wireless earbuds might be a gift to myself when the time comes (early next year).
Considering getting myself a new desktop for 1440p 144fps gaming this christimas, but the GPUs limited stock is not helping
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I planned to get Naga pro for me, but changed my mind last second for some reason 😕 kinda regreting it now tho
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I'd lie if I say that I don't like to receive gifts.
But the smile on the face of my family when they discover their presents is priceless.
Concerning if there will be some Razer stuff under the Christmas tree, that won't be the case, sadly we're upgrading 2 rigs so the peripherals have to wait next year.
I plan to buy a Razer Mouse / Keyboard for one of my friends to join the cult!

Of course! it will be bought via Razer silver :cool_:

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Ok guys, I'll be giving away my code for Remnant: From the Ashes - Subject 2923 DLC key

I have coordinated with Deks and will announce the winner this coming Monday.

DISCLAIMER: As far as I can remember, I didn't redeem the code since I don't have the base game. Unfortunately, I don't know how to verify if the code has been used. If you know, let me know (this giveaway will be a bummer if it can't be redeemed and I don't want to give any false hope).
I think you can't just choose only to give or only to receive. Both are great
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I was really wanting one of the new blackshark headsets and tomahawk mini case and swag.

I was going to get my lady friend a viper mini for christmas but she doesn't seem all too interested in gaming right now for some reason. This is after she bought a brand new gaming rig.. lol! I can't decide if I should get it or not.
OH yes, I really need the Razer Tomahawk ATX. Mega cool case. It's at the top of my wish list.
i hope i can get a sneki snake under the tree this year, in love with the plush since its release!!!
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Hey everyone, in the spirit of giving, our fellow Insider aiyionman has given away his DLC key for Remnant from the Ashes. Be sure to thank him for his generosity whether you win it or not. I'll be reaching out to the winner, to show that it is legit and that I have ok'd it.
OH yes, I really need the Razer Tomahawk ATX. Mega cool case. It's at the top of my wish list.

Yeah, I got it when it first came out it's cool, but I have to admit that I am THE TRUE RAZER FANBOY, LOL!

For the holidays this year, are you asking for that sweet Razer loot, or are you giving the goodness of Razer and sharing the wealth with others?

For this week's Thread of the Week, share what you're asking for or giving! Or if you're sneaky enough, maybe you already know what you're getting - well played if that's the case.

Since we're in the spirit of giving, I'll be giving out a few random "Great" achievements. Like and comment on the thread to be eligible.

Don't forget to spread the good word of Insider to all your friends and communities.

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