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[TotW] Giving or Receiving?

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New to the community, so can't redeem anything right now. But if you ask me what i want, well i only want a headphone (big enough to cover my whole ears), since the mic in my headphones don't work, i have to text in game and died many times cuz of that T_T and people also left the game cuz i didn't had mic T_T
I really want the nommo 2.1 pro speakers and the new 7.1 surround sound Thresher Headset they are nice, but also I want much much more through Razer, and eventually i will get everything i want, it will just take sometime to save up the large amount of money that I need to get most or better yet hopefully all of the RAZER Products I want despite and feel like as if it is an addiction that I must have. LOL, PLUA CRYING