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[TotW] Giving or Receiving?

  • 15 December 2020
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For the holidays this year, are you asking for that sweet Razer loot, or are you giving the goodness of Razer and sharing the wealth with others?

For this week's Thread of the Week, share what you're asking for or giving! Or if you're sneaky enough, maybe you already know what you're getting - well played if that's the case.

Since we're in the spirit of giving, I'll be giving out a few random "Great" achievements. Like and comment on the thread to be eligible.

Don't forget to spread the good word of Insider to all your friends and communities.

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52 Replies

New to the community, so can't redeem anything right now. But if you ask me what i want, well i only want a headphone (big enough to cover my whole ears), since the mic in my headphones don't work, i have to text in game and died many times cuz of that T_T and people also left the game cuz i didn't had mic T_T
I really want the nommo 2.1 pro speakers and the new 7.1 surround sound Thresher Headset they are nice, but also I want much much more through Razer, and eventually i will get everything i want, it will just take sometime to save up the large amount of money that I need to get most or better yet hopefully all of the RAZER Products I want despite and feel like as if it is an addiction that I must have. LOL, PLUA CRYING