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[TotW] It's Pre-E3 Season

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It's a juicy time right now in the gaming world. E3 is around the corner and that means that news about upcoming releases and leaks will start popping up as we get closer to the show's date. This is always an exciting time because I love hearing about all the new game news, rumors and reveals.

What are you most excited about, or what are you hoping gets revealed for E3 this year?

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Diablo 4!
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Call of Duty with lesssssss storage consumption!!
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I think it is better off for more people to own a PS5, otherwise, they should launch some games which have less hardware requirement
Hype is real
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Age of empire 4!
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GTA 6 please !!!
I wanna see more ray tracing capable games.
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GTA 6 fo sho

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It's a juicy time....

Juicy time?....#RazerJuicerWhen?!

any of these could be nice in my mind.... (some are longshot wishlist. also not keeping up to date on stuff right now)
-C&C Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 Remake/Remasters
-Legend of Dragoon Remake/Remaster
-Doom (we all need more Doom)
-More goodies for the next God of War game
-Outriders Story DLC (felt the story was fun [though could use some polishing] but endgame content was trash IMO)
-Final Fantasy stuff. FF7 Remake progress, FF16 news/stuff, etc etc.
E3 week is always one of the highlights of the year for me. I’m glad this year the show returns as a virtual online event, let’s see how it turns out. I hope we’ll get to know more about the new Mass Effect and I’m also excited about Starfield.
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Hello friends,

I can't wait to see new trailer and maybe some gameplay for Starfield.

Bethesda Softworks is expected to release game in 2022.
I wanna see a completely new game that I've never heard of before.
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I'm looking forward to awkard moments ahhah
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I'd like to see some new single player, good looking graphics titles.
Elder Scrolls 6, GTA 6, RDR3, Or any other mythical unicorn like creature to keep me entertained.
Maybe some zSilver from Razer....
And less BR mode games for a bit.

Yeah, that's my wishlist.
Oh and lot's of ESO promotions!
Call of Duty with lesssssss storage consumption!!

yes please
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Hmm me and some friends, we're waiting for Overwatch 2. Keep seeing some of their new content posted on their pages, makes me think.
It would be great to see something totally new!
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Skull & Bones! I almost wish all games weren't announced until they were within a month or so of launching, then less waiting since so many keep getting pushed back.
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new type of games.
Awesome! I'm excited
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Half-Life 3, never lose the hope.
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Half-Life 3, never lose the hope.

Oh yes!
Hope never dies 🙂
anything to keep our minds off the crap the world is throwing at us on a daily basis!
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Halo Infinite