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[TotW] See in 2020

  • 28 January 2020
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Thread of the Week is back!

Let's kick off 2020 with a doozy!

What do you want to see [realistically] from Razer in 2020? And as a bonus question, what piece of Razer gear do you hope to loot this year?

This is always a fun one, so let's hear 'em folks! Also, this year I also plan on showering Insiders with more Silver than ever, so share your thoughts with the community.

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32 Replies

The Amazon alexa and razer synapse compatibility that was shown off at ces 2019 to come out
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I'd like to see more AFK events like the London one with YouTubers, such a great way to bring together the community!
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In a realistic way, i'd like to see Razer RGB fans and a Razer store in France.

And if i can daydreaming, i'd say some PC components parts (GPU, mobo, RAM...) so we could synch all this RGB without pulling out our hairs (even if i don't have much already :frown_:).
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Razer can release anything as long as it has chroma, it'll always be one step ahead with chroma.
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I've always wanted an extended mousepad with multiple RGB zones like the Firefly has. If possible move the cable catch to the right. It's weird to have it on the left side. Is it to make it better for lefties and their cable management? I don't get it 😛.

Loot-wise I want to get a Huntsman elite this year. I don't think I'l ever get it with Silver though. So help a fellow gamer out, would you. Thanks Decades!
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I would really like to see a form-fitting sleeve for the new razer blades. The current ones are a little to big for the hardware lineup. More swag is always something to look forward to as well. I'd like some more mesh-back hat options
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I want to see ' Realistically ' from Razer - mouse that is created exactly for "Counter-Strike". And as a bonus answer this year I hope to LooT "Razer Seiren X - Classic Black".