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[TotW] See in 2020

  • 28 January 2020
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Thread of the Week is back!

Let's kick off 2020 with a doozy!

What do you want to see [realistically] from Razer in 2020? And as a bonus question, what piece of Razer gear do you hope to loot this year?

This is always a fun one, so let's hear 'em folks! Also, this year I also plan on showering Insiders with more Silver than ever, so share your thoughts with the community.

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32 Replies

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We need the Toaster and a Chroma Mug V2!!

Just kidding. I think a Ornata V2 / Ornata Elite would be neat, with new features including underglow and dedicated media keys like the Huntsman Elite. I think it would also be neat to see a new Chroma HDK, with possibly room for more led strips.
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I would like to see a uniform catalog for all regions, I know even pricing isnt possible because of taxes but atleast have the same things available in all regions. Also can we get a 2 year warranty as default on laptops as well? This is the only thing holding me back from a purchase because 1 year is a small time for such a big investment.
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Can you please add Steam wallet rewards on razer silver?
i cant place an order redeem razer gears from razer silver, because my country Indonesia isnt in the list, so sad KEKW
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A wireless deathadder that is close to 70g. I mean I know its a larger mouse but 75-80g seems like a realistic target to hit when the Viper Ultimate is 74g.
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I plan to buy a gaming desk and want to get some HDK kits from Razer to make it look better. On the other hand, i really hope to get enough silvers for the Naga Trinity from the catalog and maybe a Goliathus Chroma to fit the desk.
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What I'd really like to see is for Synapse to be drastically improved or rebuilt, and to support all devices still sold by you.
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I wish to have a Laptop Stand Chroma as loot or rewardable by Razer Silver, I didn't buy that in last 50% off because I think it is still too expensive for just a laptop stand.
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Hoping for a new version of the Mug Holder too, it wouldn't need to be much different, mostly just needs to have Synapse 3. Also an Extended Firefly would be great but I can see how shipping it would be difficult since it'd be so big.
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I'd like to have a Mug Holder Chroma too!!!
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I wanna see Razer release some cooling fans for an easy Chroma setup.

I plan to get a Kraken Ultimate this year to replace my Kraken 7.1 v2.
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I think it is fun to customize Chroma on your own. Or you may enable Chroma Visualizer from Synapse 3 -> CONNECT. But I would rather want more customized Chroma feature for micro-adjustment
I want to see some monitors too
Also i might need a new mouse this year and im thinking about getting a wireless one. atm im using the mamba TE
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Realistic = TOASTER. it should be avail ... soon ... right?!

LOOT = Chroma Mug (I refuse to buy this off of ebay)
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I would like to see the coming of the Raptor to EU, and to have more choices in monitor division (4K version would be nice).

In addition, more love in the software development would be nice, both on Synapse and Razer Phone 2 alike.
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I want to see a physical shop here in Manila! lol

They used to have one thou...
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I would really like to see a monitor from Razer thats not expensive( like bruh).

I think you could get some good sales at the mid and low marked if you showed up with Razer Chroma built into them.

Just a wish ;)

It would be nice if we could have Razer care in europe. A Razer store would be nice in the Netherlands .
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My naga RGB is about to die so im still waiting for a new fresh design of naga hex this time around maybe.I was expecting new software as well or an update for synapse 3 with renewed interface and a few more features.
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I'd like two things :
- One physical shop in France
- Increase the zSilver expiration until the end of the current year instead of the current month.
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I really hope and want to see the new gen Razer nabu watch's predecessor with all the smart features nowadays. If it comes out it will be awesome and crazy gadget for anyone's collection. Been a big fan of the Nabu watch and is still one of my top fav watch piece. Its still a stylish piece even though its been years since it first came.

Lootwise i hope to get a Razer Kiyo this time from the points which i have, but its gonna take a lot more. So i will keep gaming and griding to reach the exact points. Cheers 🙂
i want to see a razer razor. rgb if possible
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razer wireless router?
razer wireless router?

den gibt es doch schon. Schau mal im Razer Shop unter Ausrüstung.
that already exists. Check out the Razer Shop under equipment.

Aber was ausser den Razer Toaster würde ich mir wünschen?
Vielleicht ein Gaming Chair und Gaming Seats mit ins Programm nehmen. Das der neue Tomahawk PC bezahlbar wird.
Aber auch Ersatzteile wie Akkus, Tastaturen oder SSD könnte Razer mit ins Programm nehmen für die Blade Serien.
Über das Razer Phone3 würde ich mich auch freuen.

But what else would I want to do with the Razer toaster?
Maybe include a Gaming Chair and Gaming Seats. That the new Tomahawk PC will be affordable.
But also spare parts such as batteries, keyboards or SSD could include Razer for the Blade series.
I would also be happy about the Razer Phone3.
Yeah! Chroma Mug 2.0 sounds very interesting and realistically :P
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I wanna see Razer release some cooling fans for an easy Chroma setup.

I plan to get a Kraken Ultimate this year to replace my Kraken 7.1 v2.

razer cooler with glowing rgb?
Showering insiders with silver means what?