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[TotW] Smooth Action or Easy on the Eyes?

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Unless you're always on top of the tech curve, like most of us, at one point our hardware starts to show its age and we start flipping a bunch of switches and turning dials just to get the framerate tolerable. Framerate I've found is a personal taste. I've seen people be ok with 15 fps just to get the prettiest of visuals, while others go straight for the mud just to see their frames fly high.

Which one are you? Do you prefer a buttery framerate or prettier graphics? Like and comment for a chance at the weekly Silver reward. Good answers may also bring you extra Silver.

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has to be hd or 1080hp to watch
With my current rig (Blade 17" 2020 with RTX 2070)

@1080p, Max Quality
@1440p, stable 60FPS (Amazing I can still crank it up to High on demanding games like AC Odyssey)
I prefer more frame rate because even if you have good graphics but 15 fps it still hurts your eyes 😞
Most games I can do both, but if not then I just go for balance. To me there's no point in having a high framerate with ugly graphics or beautiful graphics on a PowerPoint presentation.
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Well, i personally like the best graphics possible for any game, especially AAA titles but as i still own an 1060 6gb i know that's not possible for me. Right now i'm enjoying some fps games like Overwatch and and mmorpg and i like to keep the games with a good graphic saved somewhere for later when i'll get that 3080. For one, i think i want to enjoy the games at their best form, not distorted with lower settings and decent frames, but that's just me.
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Buttery Framerate > Prettier Graphics for most if not all situation.
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The higher FPS the better, lots of times you can put Textures on Ultra and everything else on Medium and it'll still look great.
FPS. for first person shooters its esensial.
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Depends on the game. I'm sure you hear that a lot nowadays.

The reason is that people would be happy if for example AC Valhalla could run at 40fps and have the highest possible settings because it's an eye-candy game and low fps won't cost you your life. On the other hand, I don't know anyone who would like that number of frames for COD multiplayer. Finding a balance of good visuals and 100+ fps is the way to go.

For me, it's the same deal. I can tolerate low framerates because I grew up with PC managing that for Crysis. However, now that I have experienced 144hz monitors it's hard not to prefer that. And I can still compromise when need be. I'm a flexible gamer ngl :cool_:
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I'm an FPS gal myself.
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Smooth FPS all the way
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Hello friends,

I think our need for high framerate depends a lot on game family.
Especially if you are Esport proplayer.
You need high FPS for FPS😂, RTS, MOBA, Action RPG 2D or 3D, Flight/Driving simulator, Sport game, Virtual reality, Open world are very greedy in fluidity.

But if you like puzzle game, TBS, 4X, Romance game, retrogaming, you will choose high quality.

Your gameplay is also important.
Because if you are like me to avoid combat thanks to stealth, charisma, diplomacy, intelligence for zero kill game.
With help of your NPC companions (Mass effect) or coop to kill enemies.
You won't need to hight fps. :)

Finally, AMD FSR (excellent for giving 30% boost to your old computer) and NVIDIA DLSS technologies allow us to have quality and high framerate even in HD/2K/4K.
No need to compromise on Razer Blade laptop with Nvidia RTX serie 20/30 GPU thanks to the power of Nvidia Deep learning. ^ _ ^
I play CS on 640 x 480, just so I can get 50fps in the game. High fps is better than having a headache with 10fps and prettier graphics.
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I Prefer best framerate.
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depends on the game im playing. smooth graphics for esports and ultra settings for single player games like gta!
Why can't we have both? :)

No but in all seriousness, I think the game dictates my preference. If i'm playing CS or ESO (situational) I don't care that it's visually brilliant. I mean when running a trial or vet dungeon in ESO, I'm more worried about my rotations so stuttering needs to be avoided at all cost - and there I would sacrifice frames to make it buttery AF. But if I'm in RDR2 - there is no way I'm not pulling out the 3080 and cranking it all they way up. So yeah - it's totally situational. I mean when CP2077 came out all buggy - I was happy with the 80FPS I got just to be able to play- but after the latest patch I couldn't go back to not having it run at max.
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I'm on 1440p now and will probably stick at this resolution. My preferences:
1st priority: framerate
2nd priority: visual
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I prefer buttery framerate because I don't mind about the graphic. As long as I can play my games smoothly
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Buttery framerate.
I remember my 2nd (potato) PC - playing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory a lot with 60-120 FPS with "buttery" drops to 20 FPS sometimes 😃
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I'd probably go for higher framerate. As long as it's not over 60 fps (my monitor is only 60Hz), I won't be increasing graphics quality.
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After 144hz, I could live with any graphic
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I want higher prettier graphics only if I not play games anymore!
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I can live with 1080p, but cannot back to 60fps anymore!