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True wireless doesn’t work properly

  • 14 May 2020
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I just recently bought the hammerhead true wireless earbuds. I was very pleased with the performance on my mobile while using it.

but.. I mostly bought for pc gaming, and to be honest its performance on pc is incredibly underwhelming.

-audio cuts out
-mic does not work sometimes
-audio quality is lower compared to mobile
-cant connect it sometimes entirely
-no software?? Only on mobile?

I cant seem whats the point of making earbuds with low latency if it doesnt work on pc. I have a headset (hyperx cloud flight) also with bluetooth and a usb dongle. It works fine but it gives me headaches (like every headset). Thats why i saw this product as a solution but really i just dont understand this product.

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6 Replies

I also bought these. I haven't used them with my PC yet. Mainly wanted a true wireless for outside activities. To me their sound quality is worse than the other hammerhead blue tooths that weren't true wireless. Their audio seems to cut out often even when my phone is just in my pocket so not far away at all. The connection also gets interrupted if there's any other bluetooth device being used nearby in like a 20m range. I was excited to have them and still enjoy them....but I probably wouldn't get another pair if something happened to this one. I'd probably try another brand of true wireless.
To hear that they are worse when used with PC is saddening even if I hadn't really planned to use with PC.
Yes also the lack of software support on pc makes it worse.. I also enjoy them on mobile but yeah not gonna buy a razer product again i think..
I have been experiencing frequent drop-outs while listening to music from my phone. They are only about six months old. Definitely would not buy again.
It just occurred to me that I started having a lot of problems after the last firmware update. Anyone else notice this?
I just bought them a few days ago, so I can't really tell. Could it be that the firmware made all these kind of bugs? what is your experience on pc like?
Alternately, I notice it is very bad on windy days. Could the air be blowing the signal away? o_O