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USB Controller, USB Bandwith

  • 18 October 2020
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Looking at getting a laptop to stream from. I want use the Ripsaw to stream from my PS4 (and whatever else I hook up to it) and use my Razer Kiyo webcam, cause I love it., and my blue yeti mic, cause I also love it

SO, lots of USB bandwith is being asked for. Right now I'm having issues in OBS adding the two Video Capture Devices (the ripsaw and the kiyo)

I want to buy a laptop, but I want to know that the laptop can either

A) handle the banthwith
😎 has two USB controllers

Can ayone tell me what their Blades or other razer laptops have going on?

I know that building a tower would make this all easier, but space is a limitation and I like being able to move things around.

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