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Very Slight Grind on the Right Side Fan

Hey guys, I'm starting to become apart of the Razer Cult and The New Razer Blade 15 base model became one of my first major purchases in the gaming genre. I love how it looks and I love it's sleek design, and I love the rgb customization with my Razer Basilisk. However, I was really disappointed when I realized one of the fans is very noticeably louder than the other one with a distinct grinding sound being heard at low speeds (which it is at frequently when I'm doing school work). I've tried blowing thru the intake vent with some compressed air but I didn't have much air left and it seems that it didn't fix it. The sound comes and goes and seems to disappear when I intensely game and the fan has to kick it up but returns once the fan slows down again. I was thinking of waiting until near the end of the manufactures warranty before I send it in because I really need to have a laptop right now with my classes. I don't really want to intrude too much so that I don't void the warranty. So what do you guys recommend? More compressed air? Deal with it for now until near the end of the warranty period?

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