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What Does SoftMiner Use My GPU For?

There is one big question that is left out of the SoftMiner FAQ and every other Razer FAQ I can find.

What does Razer use my GPU for?

It seems to me that Razer wants to use my GPU to mine a real crypto currency and give me a small percentage in the form of a currency I can only spend on Razer products. If that is so, don't you think that's something Razer SoftMiner users should know about since their GPUs are being worn out and they are only getting a small percentage of the profit?

Also, It is clearly stated that SoftMiner is not a crypto currency. If I earn Razer Silver I can spend it on Razer products right? Is that not the definition of a currency?

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It uses your GPU for mining whatever they want, probably just the most profitable thing at any time. Mining in general is dead right now so that's why you don't get back much from it, but it could go up if the future. Silver isn't a crypto currency, just a regular currency like reward points.
So, then, would It not be more economic for an individual to mine crypto currency themselves? Why would anybody let Razer wear out their GPU for a slice of the pie when they could just mine crypto currency themselves and have the whole pie?

It is kinda shady how Razer makes it sound like you are using your GPU to mine Silver, and seems to be hiding the fact that they are actually using your GPU to mine real currency. I think that kinda info should be divulged.
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Ya but that's not nearly as easy as Softminer which is just a couple clicks and has auto mode.
It's pretty clear already in the FAQ: