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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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Min-Liang Tan
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I would have to say a pro controller for PS4, similar to the razer wildcat for xbox one.
The Razer blade with a chroma keyboard?
MING!!! I am wanting to have my gaming on the go but as most gamers hate the fact of laptop PC gaming as you are stuck with what you purchase. I am hoping your next Razer Blade can break some new records and incorporate G-SYNC and mechanical switches. Please offer more options for graphics cards and SSD space as well. We are paying a lot of money for these machines and expect a lot back.
come to europe ...properly

It's getting here don't worry 🙂
As a lefthander i would love to see more mice with a lefthanded version.

I know it doesnt pay of as much as to serve the masses but believe me the lefthanded would be so gratefull.
I owned a deathadder for lefties and it was so nice to not have a ambidextrous mouse for once. But with my expectations getting higher i wanted a wireless mouse.

Maybe a Mamba for Lefties ?
Not sure if this has already been said..

I'd love to see a Razer all-in-one computer (something like the iMac but made for gamers). Razer has already fit an amazing computer inside the new Blade Pro- just put it into a desktop package, include a Razer keyboard and (wireless?) mouse, maybe even throw in a mouse pad, include some chroma lighting in the back, and take my money!
Chroma speaker, leviathan maybe?
I love Razer NZXT chassis but the only problem with it is that you cannot turn off the bottom green led lights, that sometimes causes irritation. I would love to see a new design from razer either their own or partnership with other.

i have nzxt h440 and there is a button on the back of tower which enables you to switch off lighting as required
i would like to see an Ultra Wide monitor , 34" like the Alienware or Acer X34.
Razer Phone 3
and now my mouses wheel is gone dammit
Not sure how viable or possible this would be, as I don't know enough about the technology, but I still want to throw this into the pot ...

Would it be possible, maybe using a combination of Synapse and hardware, to make a single global wireless hub for multiple Razer items while keeping the gaming-grade wireless response times? It'd be great to only need a single USB port to plug a hardware wireless receiver into, but have it take care of both a mouse and a keyboard and possibly a headset and/or other peripherals as well.

The reason for asking that is because I'd like to see more wireless options. The Naga Epic Chroma is a great start; can that be extended to, say, a Deathstalker Epic Chroma or an entirely new keyboard?
A gaming monitor would be interesting. Razer design cues with an established solid performing panel, and at a competitive price. Or maybe a proper surround speaker setup for people who still like to have sound booming through the room and want something more than a soundbar.
Min-Liang tan

Check out some of the commens over on
what if - Razer Monitor some interesting ideas definitely would benefit the razer company and us as gamers.
gaming chair, a gaming cpu, a monitor and mayb a mobile app for razer insider forum and chat system?
An update to the Blade 14
Throughout the years, I've struggled to keep up with college because some of my art classes require me to use a Macbook Pro. I like the Macbook. It has a nice UI. But the problem about it is that it hasn't changed technically. And in addition to that, I grew up with traditional fine arts instead of graphic design.

Wacom has built PC tablets for artists for quite a while. And they do a real excellent job at that. But it lacks a strong GPU.

I know for a fact that Razer made an attempt to make a PC Tablet for gamers, but it wasn't Wacom pen compatible.

If Razer could make a PC tablet that could compete the Surface Pro by adding a pen and at least GPU of a GTX 860m, I would definitely buy it. I think anyone who is into art and gaming would buy that more than anything else.

But only one could dream, right?
Some of the top things I would love to see are 1. Possibly a large project working on a Razer Game 2. A Razer Monitor 3. Making downloads compatible for Macs 4. I've always thought of Razer Rubber Cases for Consoles like X-Box and PS4 but that might be impossible
Monitors need to have in Both sizes 24 and 28 or above. but i like 28s! Gaming chair would be cool but DX Racing chairs are gonna be hard to beat.

-My suggestions-
- Razer Radar Detector - that is on par or out performs The Valentine One.
- USB 3.0 flash drives/hard drive - not limited in size variants.
- Xbox One compatible products. Totally wireless headset please?:rolleyes:
- Xbox One Gaming controller similar to Scuff but with your/Razers magic touch. Programmable would be cool too!
- A Bad A$$ Razer Router! with real tech support. Maybe even a Docsis 3.0 or what ever is coming next. I know you can get the inside info on that @mltan 😉.
- Razer Floor Mat to go under your desk chair, you know with the spikey/non spikey things for it not to move on carpet & for you chair to roll smoothly.
- Flawless Full Featured Fully Customization Razer capture card w/ life time Xsplit license.
- I also like @Jspartan22 Idea as well a Racing wheel would be cool but Pedals as well to go along with it.

and a gearbox for the racing wheel
I'm still wishing for a Razer foot peddle, more controls!
lol yeah:D
I would like to see a new Razer Gaming Chair!
A razer chair would be nice

Or a new chroma keyboard
I would like to see a system that ships on time.

I would also like better customer service. Its just atrocious.
A Graphics Card. It would be crazy if Razor Made a Graphics Card and if they do I want one lmaoo!!