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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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A big version of the firefly,like a mat would be pretty neat.
A slim dongle for the Naga Epic
Razer Phone?
would love to see a razer x dota/league of legends skins , that will be dope!
With all the high specs displays on the Blade and the Phone, should probably be a monitor next though you might need to fork our more money to go into that sector against established brands (ASUS ROG/DELL/etc).
I wonder if Razer is even reading this. Probably not.

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My side of the wishlist -again half repeate, sorry-:
Tobii eye razer camera with insane cool camera in-game feature supports. I want a tobii for a while I just want to make sure it will be supported even more than it is now and the software is like the best.
Again my biggest wish: A Mamba-like mice with at least 10buttons (2-3 at thumbs, extra two on the left mouse's side, tiltable mouse wheel and extra two behind mouse wheel OR at the side near pinky finger, this two optional). And Mamba quality and look and grab and feel. To hold Mamba is like heaven seriously (My g.f. using it).
that would be cool if Razer included Payday2 chroma profile 😃
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razer chroma night light or lamp that turns into a disco just like matching razer with hue
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Razer Viper Mini (4-5th march :P)
May I suggest a Razer Insider app for both Android and iOS phones? There's already the Comms and Nabu app, but I'd love to see the Insider to be an app. Sure, the website is (might be) mobile friendly, but the whole website is not working properly.

If you wanna make the app exclusive for the members of the Insider, maybe you provide a link in the Insider forums so that only Insider users can download it.
I'm gonna keep at it till it's true, Razer Console!
I'd really love a Razer flight stick and throttle or a stand-alone Switchblade panel, that'd be pretty great.
How about a Razer cell phone?

To be honest... no need for that! But a great gaming app would be great! A app for gamers by gamers. Do it right and it could be huge!
Yes, a monitor would be awesome, but I think Razer should make an affordable handheld 🙂 I myself own almost everything Razer(including the 2014 14" blade), but I want something that I can take with me that will fit in my pocket for fast travel.
monitors would be nice,
also more gamepads specially one without wire
Water cooler kits. Let me know if you need an engineer to design it, lol.
I'm still wishing for a Razer foot peddle, more controls!

I agree!
linux pleasE!
A new screen from Razer Should be really nice 🙂
Razer OS! I would really love to see a super high performance gaming focused Operating System. Windows is such a slug!
I'd definitely spend more money if they had better Australian service. It's terrible cause of the Timezone difference so it takes ages to get a reply from support.
A Graphics Card. It would be crazy if Razor Made a Graphics Card and if they do I want one lmaoo!!

I don't see Razer turning into a computer parts manufacturer very soon. I mean they build systems and sell computer peripherals, but a graphics card just seems outside of their current business scope.
A razer chroma desk that has built in back wall-shining led strip that can be controlled through synapse software and have built in cable management and features that can me taken advantage for if you own razer products like a place to mount your Razer Core or Blade. This idea is totally over the top, but it's just an idea.
Not sure if this has already been said..

I'd love to see a Razer all-in-one computer (something like the iMac but made for gamers). Razer has already fit an amazing computer inside the new Blade Pro- just put it into a desktop package, include a Razer keyboard and (wireless?) mouse, maybe even throw in a mouse pad, include some chroma lighting in the back, and take my money!

A nice AIO with 1060 and i5 base with 1080p display would be good. Then a i7 1080 build for all out gaming on 4K would be great! Then make sure you can use the AIO as a monitor! Then throw in TONS of lighting... that would be a dream...

Christopher Batalla
A slim dongle for the Naga Epic
Razer Phone?

Raser phone? An iPhone 5s chassis with a tegra CPU and android would be cool. It could stream games to displays with razer software and dont forget the chroma!

Mabye having the ability to choose from a selection instead of just being offered 1

Yup! Sounds good!
Min-Liang Tan
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!