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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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Looking forward for a thin metal that they can use to create a light weight mouse but at the same time a long lasting one. Lol
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I would love to see a Razer chair with full chroma capability...It will be lit!!!
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Hello everybody,
i have an xbox one serie x, i would like razer to invent a device that you can plug in behind the console. so that we can accumulate ssd cards. is it possible. Thanks for reading me.
Razer Core eGPU/dock with a PCIe 3.0 x16 connection instead of the current very limiting PCIe 3.0 x4 connection.

Asus ROG has already made one for their Flow X13 laptop with PCIe 3.0 x8 for RTX 3080 and separate PCIe 3.0 x4 for the other ports, so it makes sense for Razer to be the first to push the boundaries to new heights.
Thunderbolt 4 portable SSD enclosure with support for the new AORUS Gen4 7000s drive's 7000MB/s transfer speeds. I'm not asking for a Razer SSD, just a SSD enclosure.

The current fastest enclosures only support up to 3500MB/s.
Option to buy Razer Blade 15 and Pro using Razer Silver.
A Qualcomm Snapdragon laptop running Windows 10 on ARM to compete with Apple's M1 MacBook Pro.

i.e. high end desktop class single thread CPU performance, fan doesn't turn on and casing isn't hot even after 15 mins of 100% CPU/GPU load, 1.5 to 2 day battery life.
I'd like to see from Razer something like Predator Thronos.

Check out Razer Project Brooklyn. Also I doubt Razer will ever make a thick laptop or desktop computer.

...and 240Hz display, RedMagic 6 Pro already comes with 165Hz display, 18GB RAM, 120W fast charging, built-in 20,000rpm centrifugal fan.
A light version of Naga Hex with the 6-7 buttons. I've researched a bit now and there's very little that offers the button layout like the Naga Hex which is perfect for MOBA players - with a comfortable shape. The problem I have with the Hex is it is 135G heavy.

I have now switched from a G502 Hero to a Viper Mini and the weight is such a significant factor for me in buying another mouse now, that I can't see myself using anything above 85-90 grams.

You have recently released the Naga X in early 2021 but it is in the MMO configuration with too many buttons which isn't as suitable for MOBA. MOBA's also need a good thumb grip area which we can use to move the camera and click things quickly/accurately (not just about having a plethora of buttons which intrude with grip design for MMO's)

I guess the easier option would have been to release the Naga X with multiple swappable modules like you guys did with the Naga Trinity. There really isn't any mouse that's designed for MOBA games in mind AND is lightweight currently and think it's a huge missed opportunity as there are millions of MOBA players and that lighter mouses are generally better (can play longer, less strain on wrists / hand, etc)

td🇱🇷 Would love a Naga Hex mini that's Light with a comfortable shape like the Viper Mini for small to medium hands (60-90g's)
would love to see the new and improved OLD NAGA Design (just produce the old one just like it was again), wasnt able to buy my old Molten Edition again and the "better" Trinity version is absolut trash
Hi guys.
Have you considered a TKL version of the wireless Blackwidow?
It would be great to see your Huntsman made wireless as well (TKL too).
At the moment the only real wireless TKL option is the Logitech G915 which is a great keyboard but has some god awful software. It would be great to see Razer enter this space as a competitor.
Hmm, I would say a flight stick for aviation games or a steering wheel & pedals for driving vehicles in simulators.
Hi I've bought Razer Basilisk Mercury, however, Razer Synapse 3 does not support for MacOS BigSur yet. Could @Razer support this in future via a new release?
does razer read these? i'm hoping they do. coz i'd love to have Naga pro with the Trinity/Naga HexV2 's 7-button side panel option.
That your items do not break within a month.
Would love for Razer to make a keyboard kit like the Glorious GMMK Pro. This way we could have Razer RGB and simultaneously build a board with our own switches, stabilizers, etc.
RGB is legit like the one reason I hate about my custom mechanical keyboard because it doesn't match my other Razer RGB setup 😕
usecase: plug in 3+ peripherals (eg keyboard, mouse, mousepad) with chroma, to a laptop like Razer Blade Stealth 13, which only has 2 USB-A ports.
and since there seem to be issues with a lot of regular USB-hub models on the market currently, it might be nice to have an officially supported option, that guarantees to work with your own devices.
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Huntsman Mini Mercury White option for ISO UK Layout please :frown_:
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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

i would love to see Razer works on PC Parts such as motherboard, Memmory, water cooling etc that sync with syanpse without 3rd parties hardware, moving forward people more enthusias with pc building rather than laptop. for on the go short period of time people still need laptop but, for long term used people still using their pc to do their works and gaming.

the idea for laptop
1 decent specs and reasonable price with decent GPU and CPU
1 high end specs

for pc parts such as motherboard memmory, fans, cooling system yada yada yada....
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I'd like to see decent support and bug fixing updates from Razer for Synapse 3.

Also I'd like to see their "works with Razer" certification actually mean something and do more than just limited max brightness RGB (not even ARGB) control. You can't even dim certain LEDs making purple impossible. This is with MSI mystic light b550.

I've tested third party software and it's able to control ARGB individual LEDs just fine, so what's the excuse?? Sell more Razer motherboards?
I'd like to see some desktop builds return, aside from that one minor thing,

The XBox controllers always have so many extra buttons, why no macro ability?

Anytime I do want to run a macro, for instance, some mundane boring material collection, I have to unplug my controller then run a macro via my mouse buttons (for some reason even though KB commands work while the controller is plugged in the macros do not)
I would love to see a variant of the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro with 2 customizable buttons on the top left side of the left mouse button, like which was the case with the Razer Mamba Elite 2012.

I just loved having those 2 buttons at that location. They were very easy to reach during FPS games and small enough to not be obstructive when using the left mouse button.
I would love to see a controller like the wolverine ultimate have a purely wireless connectivity. I ordered one recently thinking it was wireless because of the screenshot with the cable unplugged, but then was disappointed when it did not function that way.

Along the same concept, I also want to see the nari headphones have a Bluetooth connection in addition to the USB adapter.

It's 2021, can we finally get away from wires?
the viper mini mercury edition! please