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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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a new synapse software which works decently without eating all memory and cpu ressources.

a new mamba mouse model with a decent mouse wheel which give the ability to use the mouse more than 6 months without problem.

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Xbox wireless controller. 

I am always finding my fingers on the wrong number keys after frantically button mashing in an emergency situation and then having to look down to reposition my fingers. I was thinking, how smart would it be if there was a touch button (the little bump) on the #2 button like the F and J buttons then we would not need to look down to make sure our hands are positioned correctly

Auriculares Razer 7.1 compatibles para consolas como PS4 y PS5 ?

US keyboard layout sold everywhere. Just this small small thing...

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Better & even more ways to earn zSilvers to be able to redeem something decent for an upgrade. 

I am begging you, please please please expand the color options for the BlackWidow V4 range. I’m getting tired of gaming equipment being black all the time. Yes you have the BlackWidow V4 75% in white, but why not make it for the full size keyboard too? Or maybe upgrade the BlackWidow V3 Quartz to V4? The full sized keyboard girlies need our fix too.

And before you tell me to switch to a different range if I really wanted a specific aesthetic BUT it’s not just the aesthetic that’s important to me. The BlackWidow so far is the only keyboard range from Razer to offer green mechanical switches. It would be really nice to be able to have more options available for green mechanical switches.

I could also get a keyboard from another brand, but I like what I like and luckily it’s Razer. And I don’t like to settle.

The only thing I would like to see from razer is that you fix the middle mouse button not working issue with the Razer Viper Ultimate. It makes no sense that you made it so the mouse clicks have new technology so the mouse last longer for competitive gaming but didn’t give that same clicking technology to the other components on the mouse. If you made that singular improvement to the mouse I’d buy a new one in a heart beat.

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I’m not sure if this thread is still even monitored by Razer staff but as an owner of an old Razer Blade 15, I’m hoping to upgrade to a new laptop and I’m looking into a next generation Razer Blade 16 possibly powered by Intel’s Meteor Lake processor for better cooling and efficiency.

However, there is a possibility that Meteor Lake might not be a viable option for gaming laptops. If that is the case then I’m hoping that Razer will consider creating an AMD Advantage Laptop to give customers more options.

AMD Ryzen™ 9 7945HX + AMD Radeon™ RX 7900M would be an amazing option to have for a Razer Blade 16 especially if it means that the AMD GPU option has a better price to performance ratio than its Nvidia counterpart.

I love my Razer Blade 15 and would like to stick with Razer but I might have to look into other brands if the next Razer Blade 16 is a Raptor Lake refresh and there is no alternative AMD option.

I bought this headset and I have to say that I like everything very much. Play mainly on the PS5. Unfortunately, I only use Apple devices and this headset is compatible with Synapse 3.0 but Synapse 3.0 is not compatible with Mac. Synapse 2.0 is compatible with Mac but the headset is not compatible with Synapse 2.0. Everything is a bit strange, unfortunately. When can you expect Synapse 3.0 on the Mac? I want to be able to enjoy my headset to the fullest

Why are Nike, Adidas, and Macy gift cards taken off the shelves? I need to purchase them

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Take your time to PROPERLY SUPPORT your most expensive products with a good piece of software that does not behave like malware.  I’m only asking for that.

You have enough hardware products on the market,  great products to be honest, backed by a horrible piece of software.  You really need to step up on that front.

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Spoke with a service rep from Facebook, and mentioned I should make a post regarding my experiences with the Wolverine Chroma V2 since mine has become such a problem. Understand, I am in my 40s and have been gaming since Atari, I understand how to take care of my peripherals.

The USBc connector loosens too quickly to be considered for a wired controller. It is nonrigid and delicate. the simple act of picking it up, putting it down, and holding it while the weight of the cable has been enough to weaken mine to the edge of inoperability. I only had mine a few months before it started loosening, and I was forced to buy a separate cable. The primary cable was not secure enough to actually maintain connectivity and would constantly disconnect.

Buying a second, high-quality USBc cable was only useful for about a month and I am stuck holding my hands perfectly still or risk disconnecting.

USBc is inherently a bad choice and is the only flaw I have found running my Wolverine. The next generation of controllers needs a stronger, more durable connector. I LOVE IT when it works properly but at this level of quality a USBc connector smacks of poor choices by your design team.

Please look into this issue, as I am not the first person to have this problem.



No it’s not.  USBc is perfectly fine.  I’m still gaming with my USB-C Xbox Controller and I only game wired.  Never a single proplem.  It’s Razer lazy implementation the problem.

razer should follow logitec 


Wireless Charging System for razer next gen Mice of cos with RGB

A version of the tartarus with the HORI TAC pro movement joystick 🕹 but use the razer controller thumbstick 🕹 

We need thus ASAP

I know you can make thus happen in a weekend 

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A 100% form factor Blackwidow V4 Pro, but HOT-SWAPPABLE 😩.

Less likely still but a guy can dream; a barebones BlackWidow kit even.

High customizability but with Chroma integration? Hell yeah.

I’ve got a long list of what I’d like to see.


  • RazerStore in the DC area
    • I have a few locations in mind: Tysons Corner Center/Tysons Galleria, Fair Oaks Mall, Manassas Mall, all just to name a few.
  • Tartarus Pro V2 with Gen2 Analog Optical Switches
    • in both normal and southpaw configs
    • with both wired and wireless options
  • keycap replacements for the Tartarus line
  • kits for installing Razer Optical Switches on custom keyboards
    • Analog Gen2, Linear, and Clicky varieties
  • Left-Handed Naga V2 Pro
  • Core X2 eGPU,
  • more keycap colors
  • The Toaster (and you all know which one)
  • a line of graphics tablets, branded as the Razer Muse
  • a wireless option in the Huntsman V3 line,
    • and on the topic of the HM-3, perhaps a variant with macro keys like on the high-end BlackWidow V4 full-size models
  • multiple color options for all the products mentioned here (plus the existing Naga V2 Pro, Huntsman V3, et al)
    • specifically, Razer Green, Quartz, Mercury, and, of course, Black
  • expanding the Phantom Keycaps line to include Quartz and Razer Green variants.
  • new waves of THX Certified home video releases like in the good-old days
  • new Kraken Kitty model on par with the latest Kraken models, with similar attachments to the V2 Pro in the style of the base V2/V2 BT model
  • racing controller line branded as Razer Cheetah
    • Wireless and wired options
    • Products sold separately or as a kit
    • Shifter, Wheel, Pedals, Handbrake
      • Pedals available in manual or automatic transmission styles (manual is branded as Cheetah Pedal Pro
  • flight sim controls line badged as Razer Eagle
  • more light bulb varieties in the Aether line
  • an external numberpad for TKL and Mini/75%/60% keyboards, called the Wasp
    • Wasp Pro to include Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause/Break, Insert, Delete, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, and the arrow keys alongside the numberpad
  • Razer keyboard-shaped cat bed (because those of us with kitties know that they like to take over your keyboard)
    • Heck, we need Razer merchandise for pets, full stop.
  • Razer VR headser (Razer Escape)
    • bundled with a new generation of Razer Hydra controllers
  • Razer Blade laptops with AMD Ryzen CPU and Radeon dGPU
    • Must have all of AMD's special features
    • Must be AMD Advantage Certified
  • full Synapse support on Xbox and PlayStation (a request from a member of the Razer Discord server)
  • a third-gen Razer Phone
  • Razer Raptor CX monitors for consoles (another request from the official Discord server)
    • Must have THX Certified Tempest-Compatible sound systems
    • Must support up to 4K resolution
    • Must support HDMI 2.1 VRR, HDR10+, and DP 2.1 UHBR20

As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

It would be great if you could start selling wolverine v2 thumb sticks as a separate purchasable pack.  Height, colour and concave/vex options. As well as just having them as replacements when the originals wear out. Thx

MacOs support for Synapse software. 3 years or more and nothing.

I’ve got a long list of what I’d like to see.
​​​[contents removed for brevity]​​​

OK, so, here’s a few more additions I’d like to see:

  • Blackwidow Optical line
    • including Red switch, Purple switch, and Analog variants
  • A new generation of Razer Raptor displays
  • A collection of Razer Green products (RZRgrn Collection? Emerald Collection? Iunno, gimme some ideas for names)
  • Funko POPs of Sneki Snek and Friends, THX Tex in various poses from across all his appearances in the many THX trailers made over the years, etc.
    • Sneki and Frens
      • I admit unfamiliarity with the full roster of characters, but perhaps some of you may have ideas?
    • Tex figures (source trailer names used are from AVID - The Audiovisual Identity Database):
      • Tex With Logo: Recreation of the end of the “Tex 3: Action” trailer where, after being spat out the tailpipe of a BMW full-force into the THX logo, he poses in front of it. This is one of those wide-box releases, as is the one below
      • Tex With Jetpack: Shows Tex reaching into the X of the THX logo, as seen in the original “Tex” trailer, pulling out his trademark jetpack. Shows a portion of said X and the bottom bar. The second of the wide-box releases
      • Tex with Moo Can: Shows Tex with the Moo Can and an electrical plug from the “Stampede/Tex 2: Moo Can” trailer. This comes in a clear acrylic case with the THX logo in the background (as it appeared at the end of the trailer, just before a stampede of cows offscreen caused the logo to rumble) occupying the area directly behind Tex; above it is the slogan “The Audience Is Listening.” 
      • Tex and Bob: Tex holding hands with Bob the Drone from the Spatial Audio trailer in a “we did it!” pose
      • Tex with Snowglobe: Tex holding a snowglobe of the city from the “Genesis” trailer. Giant-size figure (the better to show the city details)
      • Tex’s Ship: The ship from “Genesis” flying over the landscape of “Amazing Life.” Giant-size figure
  • Elite Gold, Diamond Blue, and Retro Cream color collections
  • Razer Timberwolf programmable mini-keypad (available in multiple different configurations - customize your size, switch type (Mechanical: Yellow, Orange, or Green; Optical: Red, Purple, or Analog), and number of keys)
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A 4k Monitor and a new Phone


Thank you for inviting our feedback! I'd love to see some new features and improvements in the upcoming products. Looking forward to what 2015 brings!



Hello there, I was directed to this link from the facebook page after sharing a feedback. This account is a throwaway one so I wont be replying any further, I’ll just place this feedback here in case it ever gets heard.


This is my shopping experience with Razer after searching for a keyboard for two months. I'm a gamer from Turkiye. I needed a gaming keyboard and I've been looking for one since I set up my rig last year. I was willing to pay up to $300 for a good keyboard, but I ended up with a $5 Frisby FK4845QU in the end. Here is how.


First let me tell you what Razer did good; when I walked into that tech store, Razer keyboards had this board where all the new generation switches were displayed. I tried all the switches for myself and this was awesome, whoever came up with the idea to standardize switches and give us the option to try them all in one board was a genius. This option immediately made Razer my #1 choice. The arm rest is also legendary, I fell in love with the Red Switch, but I also loved the Yellow Switch as well. Even Steelseries doesnt have this option, and I was this close to walking out of the store with a Blackwidow v4 or Deathstalker v2. 


Now to the reason why I didnt get a Razer keyboard, and how y'all got outclassed by a 5 dollar Chinese keyboard. Please see the attached images. The Turkish layout version of Blackwidow v4 has a small Shift button on the left side, and they placed a "<>" button to the right of it. It's absolutely an unnecessary button, and has no place next to WASD when it comes to a gaming keyboard. This is not the case with US layout; the US layout has a gigantic Left Shift button, which is what I want as a gamer. By shortening that Left Shift and placing that "<>" button, you turned a gaming keyboard into an accounting keyboard. What's more, the picture on the Turkish Layout boxes depict a US layout keyboard with the big Left Shift button, which is misleading. 


In the end I got this Frisby FK-4845QU. I wanted to buy the US Layout Blackwidow V4 and get a Turkish keycap pack to replace the caps, but the layout change doesnt allow for that either. Please see the picture of the FK4845QU for an idea about how a proper Turkish Layout should be. Even the Windows key can be removed from the left side to allow for a bigger Ctrl button. Please consider making changes in v5 series so we can actually get some good stuff. This switch system is already placing you way ahead of other brands, please dont ruin it.




Hi, I would love for Synapse 3 to be available on Mac. I’ve been using a Steelseries Rival 3 for a bit now and had a pretty good experience with it and their GG platform which happens to be compatible both on Mac and Windows. I felt like I wanted an upgrade and looked into Razer’s options and fell in love with many products. I was hoping to fully set up my studio with chroma gear, yet upon my first purchase (Cobra Pro mouse) I come to find out that the products don’t support Mac users and that my $130 mouse boils down to a basic $10 Target mouse. I guess it’s ultimately my own fault for not doing my research before purchasing, but given Razer’s higher price tag and overall reputation I thought it was safe to assume the device configuration platform would be far superior to the competition’s and ultimately available for all customers to enjoy.