Will Core X + Vega 64 help my loud hot and slow 2017 15" mbp drive dual 4k displays? | Razer Insider

Will Core X + Vega 64 help my loud hot and slow 2017 15" mbp drive dual 4k displays?

  • 3 September 2019
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I do web development on my 2017 15" macbook pro (2.8H Ghz Core i7, 16gb RAM, Radeon Pro 555) using clamshell mode with two 27" 4k monitors often at scaled resolutions in order to get extra real estate, and often run Docker, multiple VS Code windows, multiple web servers, multiple browser windows, outlook, excel, slack -- all the usual stuff you'd suspect. Sometimes VSCode will slow to a crawl and even keyboard presses will take a second or more to register in my editor. Activity monitor will show "kernel_task" as high as 400% in these episodes, which tells me there is serious throttling going on due to high temps.

I know there are behaviors I could change that would mitigate against this, but am curious if an eGPU would make a big difference here. Running two external 4k displays with scaling can't be easy for my mbp's graphics card, and outsourcing that to a Razer Core should make a noticeable difference in terms of my mbp temperature, right? Does anyone have experience with this?

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Not quite sure about MBP 15 but on Blade with dgpu like 14 and 15 there’s a big thermal improvement especially on CPU side due thermal sharing, the setting dgpu off that make fans cool can concentrate to only cpu. Data from gpu goes as well on this laptop TB3 through pch that put less stress to cpu unlike on MBP and ultrabook without dgpu that goes straightly to cpu, even it increase more performance but as trade off it’ll put more stress which means higher temperature. Maybe you can ask around in egpu.io, there’re dozens users who has the setting MBP 15 with core X because it’s most popular enclosure there with Mac setting apparently.
Thanks for the tip to check out egpu.io, I'll take a look!