1 Broken Key... Razer Blackwidow Elite (Razer RZ03-0262)

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by PatriotAr15, May 13, 2021.

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  1. PatriotAr15

    PatriotAr15 New Member

    I spoke with Tech support last week, and they were completely unable to help me.

    I have a Razer Blackwidow Elite (Model#: RZ03-0262)

    The #1 Key on my numberline has formed a crack in the channel that the "cross" on the mechanical switch fits into. This makes the key fall off easily.

    I called Razer Support asking if it was possible to simply *BUY* a replacement key. Instead, they told me to RMA the entire keyboard (!!!). Which I really didn't feel like doing, but anyways, I then got an email from their RMA team, telling me that my keyboard wasn't purchased through an "authorized reseller" and so the warranty was void and I would have to go through the seller.

    Well I bought it on Amazon... as a refurb.

    Where can I get a replacement key for the Razer keyboard? I even told tech support, that I was willing to *PAY* for the replacement key and shipping.

    I swear, I'm starting to become very disappointed with Razer, and starting to feel like they're worse than Apple. "Oh, I'm sorry this easy to replace part has broken. Would you like to buy an entirely new product!?"
    It shouldn't be this hard to replace a broken key!

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement key for this exact model?
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  2. funky7t7

    funky7t7 New Member

    Same bot here poor joke, misplaced a key and they said it wasn’t under warranty and to buy a new key set at the price of £35+ for a new set of key caps. At no point did I ask for warranty claim I reached out to buy the individual missing key. Customer service is shocking for such a bit company. All they want is your money. No after sales or help what so ever. Gonna swerve them in the future I think.
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