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4K Screen Colour Calibration - Overly Saturated From New

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by adamlaws, Jun 2, 2020.

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  1. adamlaws

    adamlaws New Member

    Evening all,

    I've got a new Razer Stealth with the 4k touch screens (Yay). As a commercial photographer one of the things I was sold on was that the screens covered the full RGB spectrum and that they're "individually calibrated".

    I've noticed that when viewing my photos on Stealth the images are a little more blown out, and overly saturated/red.

    Any ideas? I presume the screen was calibrated at a certain brightness. But even at 50% I'm getting the aforementioned compared to my surface and pixel, which are more than less the same.

    I'm now looking at a calibration device, but they roughly cost £120-170, which slightly grates seeing as this was supposed to accurate out of the box. I do appreciate every screen is different but wasn't expecting such a big shift.

    For normal use, web browsing and such like you don't really notice.

    Thoughts and opinions appreciated.

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  2. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hey there! Thanks for posting your concern here. I appreciate your interest in our products. By the way, Have you tried updating your computer's Intel Graphics driver? Let me know if it helps.
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