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Android 9 (Pie) Now Rolling Out (Now Available For Three branded devices!)

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Rox598, Feb 27, 2019.

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  1. KSN24

    KSN24 New Member

    My favorite thing with this phone must definitely be the 120hz screen, so satisfying to use at all times.
  2. I like the new gesture controlls the most!
  3. MarkushaZe

    MarkushaZe New Member

    For me its the whole package. the great industrial design, the tech, the "Razer Feeling".
    Thanx for this great machine.
  4. hongftu

    hongftu New Member

    For me the phone design is the most important factor attracted me
  5. spore35

    spore35 New Member

    120hz of course
  6. Kauzul

    Kauzul New Member

    There are many good reasons I love the Razer Phone 1. The simple and great shape, Dolby Atmos, 120hz or the great battery. But probably my favorite feature has to go to the lock/fingerprint button. Combining the two together creates a great feeling of flow, accompanied with that satisfying unlock sound. Sometimes it's the little things that make it.
  7. Love the 120hz, and front facing speakers! Main reasons I switched to Razer and loving it!
  8. jpants94

    jpants94 Active Member

    My favorite feature is definitely the 120hz screen. Everything is super smooth and no other phone can compare to that.

    Shout-out to the devs that made this happen. Thanks!
  9. hachetman13

    hachetman13 New Member

    The overall quality to price you get vs the big name phones!
  10. TanJADEauto948

    TanJADEauto948 New Member

    My favourite feature about the phone is the design call me old fashioned but i prefer the square design which gives the device a sturdy feel and with the aluminium casing a premium feel too. Definitely a unique device
  11. EndlessNameless

    EndlessNameless New Member

    My favourite feature has got to be the chroma lighting of course and being able to control the lighting on my wireless charger, so it blends in nicely with all my Razer PC peripherals :)
  12. AdventGamerFS

    AdventGamerFS New Member

    (Razer Phone user) My favorite feature about the phone is the smooth 120hz and the speaker it sure does make the sound louder and make youtube and twitch streams better for hearing and making the screen butter smooth without any screen lags.

    Keep up the good work Razer and hope this will not be the end of the Razer Phone!
  13. LownIgnitus

    LownIgnitus New Member

    I have to say that my favorite feature that I mess with by far it the RBG logo on the back.

    It really gets people's attention and makes them ask questions about my phone.
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  14. jrissler9

    jrissler9 New Member

    My favorite feature is probably the 120hz screen. It's so smooth for browsing and gaming. The speakers are also nice since I can hold the phone horizontally without setting off the touchscreen. Thanks to the dev team for the thought that went into it!
  15. On both the RP1 and 2...it's got to be the front facing speakers. My old RP1 is now a great portable boombox around the house.
  16. Lykis

    Lykis New Member

    Ich Love the amazing Display and the Soundsystem
  17. kazedayo

    kazedayo New Member

    My favorite feature has to be the 120hz display.
    Everything is looks fine.
  18. sharpDeepRuby407

    sharpDeepRuby407 New Member

    After upgraded to P, my favorite is the Camera HDR mode. It snaps nice HDR pictures. The gesture navigation is giving me a good surprise.
  19. Potohead1

    Potohead1 New Member

    I updated the phone but I can't access the app drawer. My favorite is the 120hz display.
  20. Warstruck

    Warstruck New Member

    I love the front facing speakers and chroma
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