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Android 9 (Pie) Now Rolling Out (Now Available For Three branded devices!)

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Hi Everyone!

The Android Pie update is now rolling out to unlocked Razer Phone 2 devices as of now! this is probably a staged rollout so your device may not have the update just yet.

If you have any issues please fill in this bug report form which can be found (HERE)

In celebration of the Android Pie update Razer is giving away a set of ANC Earphones to 1 lucky Razer Phone owner! All you need to do is comment below about your favorite feature in any Razer Phone to be in with a chance of winning!

Contest is now over. The winner is @Doctor-Hue!

PS. I'd appreciate if everyone could give a thank you to the development team for their hard work, it would mean a lot!


EDIT: The update is now live for our Three branded devices!

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My favorite feature is definitely the Game Booster. It can make the games amazing or you can customize to conserve battery! Thanks to the devs for working so hard on the Razer phone 2!
If I had to pick just one, my favorite feature on my Razer Phone 2 is the 120hz VRR screen. Mobile games have never been this smooth before. Super excited for the Android Pie update, downloading it right now. Huge thanks to the team that made this incredible device possible!
hey thanks, guys for this update. my favorite feature is actually the battery. it's so big, and even with the screen set at 120htz, it still lasts all day. Speaking of the screen, that's amazing too. going back to 60 kinda makes me cringe a little now.(lol)
The dolby atmos is my favourite audio feature, being able to change the equalizer to benefit the sound I'm playing from games or music really makes a difference, even on the built in speakers and I've heard it's better with the Hammerhead headphones.
Mine is the speakers screen game booster. Heck really the hole phone it's definitely been my favorite phone.
Favorite feature is the battery life and the amazing screen!
My favorite feature has to be the 120hz display. It looks gorgeous when scrolling through the UI and playing supported games. Absolutely stunning and can't be found on other devices
Definitely has to be the massive battery and Vapor Chamber Cooling System. Long hours of playing games or watching videos and the phone doesn't run hot at all, especially while on the charger!
Screen is definitely #1. The 120hz and the fact that it doesnt have those absurd rounded edges that make gaming a pain on other flagships.
My favorite feature of my Razer Phone 2 is the 4000 mAh battery. I can have long Pokémon Go sessions without running out of battery and when I don't play I can get more than 6 hours of screen on time.
My favorite feature about this phone is that they make sure the software has zero bugs before providing updates. Thank you software team for all your hard work! Keep it up y'all are great.
Absolutely love the screen for gaming... 120hz and a great colour reproduction with high resolution makes gaming perfect!
Favourite feature is defo the 120hz Refresh rate screen! Smooth as heck, I can safely play any game or watch any video without the threat of screen lag
favorite feature must be the 120hz screen and the speakers. With this phone, you can HEAR and SEE the differences compared to other smartphones.
The entire reason for choosing the Razer Phone 2 over other smartphones was the 120hz variable refresh rate display.
Thanks for Pie! My favorite feature is 1440p120fps gameplay on supported games. It's truly unreal.
RP1 here...Favorite feature is the speakers. When my twin 3 year old boys refuse to wake up from a nap I simply pull my phone out, que up Van Halen's Panama or Hot for Teacher, press play, turn the volume way up and suddenly my boys are up and dancing...much easier and much much more entertaining way to end nap time.

Definite shout out to rRazer and it's development team in putting out 2 awesome phones...just hope it doesn't end here!
I switched from iPhone and had never use an Android phone and I can say I love everything about the Razer phone!!! Never going back to Apple!!!! If I have to pick one thing it's the buttery smooth 120Hz!
My favorite thing about my Razor phone 2 is the audio quality when watching YouTube and twitch.

Ps the "what is that?!" When a co-worker notices the chroma logo is definitely a close second
Favorite feature of the phone is definitely the specs. The SD845 and 8GB RAM helps it handle anything with ease!
Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite feature is definitely the speakers and Dolby audio. It's actually mind blowing how well they sound when watching movies.
Favorite feature of the phone is definitely the battery life !!! oh and the screen!!
I'm in love with the buttery-smooth 120hz screen and the overall responsiveness and power of the hardware.
My favorite feature is probably the 120hz screen. Close second is battery life & hardware for mobile gaming.
My favorite thing on my Razer Phone is the 120hz screen. It just absolute beautiful to watch it all day long.