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Android 9 (Pie) Now Rolling Out (Now Available For Three branded devices!)

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Rox598, Feb 27, 2019.

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  1. Gonzo6o

    Gonzo6o Member

    So I wonder if the AT&T RP2 is going to get pie today?
  2. Poco.T

    Poco.T New Member

    nope that didn't happen.I have AT&T and RP2 and didn't get the update. As usual AT&T is slow as a snail to release updates. I had the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active and that phone always was last to get it. expect the update to come in a few weeks to possibly a month or so
  3. warlockuk

    warlockuk New Member

    Yeah. Camera useless, 4G pretty terrible - and I'm in a strong signal area. I renegotiated my contract with Three to get it dropped right down for the last 6 months of the Term.

    Sure gaming is *really* nice, but it's made me realise that I don't care that much about gaming on my phone. I especially don't care how nice the speakers on the non-waterproof front are. Only a monster has noise coming out of their phone.
  4. Poco.T

    Poco.T New Member

    I live in a rural area and on AT&T and my 4G is actually better than the S7 active. RP2 is actually a very good phone and a better upgrade than the S8, S9, and the note 8 and note 9. I've had the RP2 for almost 6 months and love it. Only a few issues with it but it is not enough for me to hate this phone nor not recommend it to anyone. The Final months I had the S7 active after the update to android 8.0 sucked. games lagged and my battery life was cut in half and the cell service was poor plus I had issues with my pictures and overall performance. I am glad I upgraded to the RP2 on AT&T's network.
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  5. DGMurdockIII

    DGMurdockIII Active Member

    Razer phone 1 update when?
  6. Poco.T

    Poco.T New Member

    Razer Phone 1 has no information on Android 9.0 and my Razer Phone 2 from AT&T just got the April Security Update and no Android 9.0 for it either. If anyone looks at the Razer Phone 2 on AT&T there is no upcoming update that I see for Android 9.0 any time soon. There has to be something going on between Razer and AT&T that keeps delaying the update.
  7. Gonzo6o

    Gonzo6o Member

    This is why when I found out it was possible I flashed unlocked firmware to my att RP2. Could be fall before att uodates it.
  8. hongftu

    hongftu New Member

    My RP2 still hasn't received update yet. It is unlock version from Thee operator.
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