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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by mortal_1, Mar 7, 2019.

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  1. mortal_1

    mortal_1 New Member

    RP2 prior to pie ran AA just fine. After exiting my vehicle I get the AA stopping msg over and over and over. Even after restarting the phone I get the AA msg. I've reinstalled the app several times but I'm at a loss. Any ideas?
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  2. Me too, but most, rather than all of the time. This is via a Bluetooth connection to my car. Android Auto itself works fine, but as soon as I exit out of it, 95% of the time it spams me with "Android Auto Keeps Closing" every time I unlock the phone.
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  3. LOSTRazer

    LOSTRazer New Member

    This is happening to me too! It's driving me nuts. After exiting the car (i.e. disconnecting from car Blutooth) I get the "Android Auto Keeps stopping" error message. This message then continues to pop up after each and every action I do. Such as, open an app... Message pops, close an app... Message pops, swipe an app away from recent... Message pops. The only way I have been able to stop it is with a full reboot. But then it just starts back the very next time I get out of my car.
  4. mortal_1

    mortal_1 New Member

    I like the phone, but it's not worth the aggravation. I really don't want to go back to Apple but they have their shit together compared to this heap .
  5. LOSTRazer

    LOSTRazer New Member

    I actually got it to stop finally. Simply uninstalling Android Auto and then reinstalling it seems to have worked. I also made sure that my phone already had a solid Bluetooth pairing to the car before re-installing so that the option was available during Android Auto setup sequence. I think what might have caused the issue the first time was trying to connect the Bluetooth after Android Auto was already setup? That's just a guess though. But I've now gone two days, in and out, of the car several times and have not seen the error again.

    Good luck to you all.
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  6. alexsamag

    alexsamag New Member

    Have the same issue.
  7. LOSTRazer

    LOSTRazer New Member

    And now it's made me a liar. The problem has returned. Now I think we really are going to need a code fix for this. :slightly_sad: This sucks.
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  8. I also have this problem. I had a hunch that it had something to do with Razer's aggressive power management killing the location-awareness that Android Auto keeps attempting. I turned off Adaptive Battery and the problem went away (edit: for a little while BUT THEN RETURNED. It does not fix the problem permanently but does slow it down)

    Razer does need to patch this and I opened a case linking to this thread. Please open cases with them as well to fix this issue Also at least twice per day when it crashes, I send bug reports to Google as well.
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  9. checkoways

    checkoways New Member

    I'm having a similar problem and the common item is the Razer 2 phone. I've tried to use Android Auto in multiple makes/models of vehicles that support and the automotive screen crashes in seconds. This was happening in both 8.0 and 9.0 versions of the phone. I've attempted the options in this thread to no avail. Any thoughts on next steps?
  10. I want to amend my previous post: I STILL get crash notifications with Adaptive Battery turned off. Not as many, but they still come
  11. Swedish_Jeff

    Swedish_Jeff New Member

    +1. Bump. Whatever I have to do to get this noticed. Been an issue on my phone since I installed it. Annoying as hell. I've found that opening AA, then closing it from the "hamburger menu" seems to keep it at bay for a while but YMMV.
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  13. Loafer987

    Loafer987 New Member

    Same problem here. Following.
    My android auto also won't connect to any kenwood/JVC car stereos, but works fine outside of the crashing on any gm or ford vehicles stock touchscreens. This is a massive issue as I install car audio for a living and need to test customers android auto on every install. I do this literally every workday so I need this fixed or I will have to get rid of this phone...
  14. alexsamag

    alexsamag New Member

    I returned my phone, it was annoying as hell.
  15. mtylerb

    mtylerb New Member

    Well this sucks. I just got the phone and now this?
  16. mortal_1

    mortal_1 New Member

    If you can return it, do that. I'm having issues with AA, phone locking with FB and Amazon apps, and now the phone freezes when I zoom in with camera . I have uninstalled AA and have to restart the phone when it freezes .
  17. frontvilleDirt224

    frontvilleDirt224 New Member

    So through some testing I have found a possible resolution to try. Instead of installing Android Auto from the Play Store try having the phone install it when you plug your cable from the phone into the car. It will show a screen that tells you that you do not have Android Auto installed and asks if you want to install it. Proceed and go through all the setup steps while its connected to the car. So far I have not had the issues since I have done it this way.
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  18. BPMOmega

    BPMOmega Member

    Can confirm. I tried this a couple of days ago, and haven't gotten a single crash since. Weird, because it still pulls from the Play Store. Though, I wonder if this forces it to pull a different version/release chain?
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