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AuraConnect - ASUS Aura controlled with Synapse

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by VeryCrushed, Oct 9, 2019.

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  1. VeryCrushed

    VeryCrushed Active Member

    I have developed a ASUS Aura Connect module that allows you to control ASUS RGB products with Synapse.

    Keep in mind I have only tested this on an ROG Maximus XI Formula and Maximus IX Hero. Everything works (including RGB headers) just make sure you are using the latest available version of AURA as they have made some drastic changes over the past year to the way the AURA SDK works.

    Preview Here:

    Downloads available here: https://github.com/AndrewBabbitt97/AuraConnect/releases

    I will accept pull/feature requests but I don't expect much as this is really stable and complete from what I have seen.
  2. parac1oXX

    parac1oXX Member

    NICE! I will give this a try when I am back home! Since the launch of the connected module I am really annoyed that ASUS isn't cooperating with razer.

    I guess its because they do gaming peripherals themselves and there is too much economy, money, ego sh** going on, on their side... Wouldnt be the first time Asus behaves like this.

    This is really what helps me complete my RGB setup :D I'll report back later
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  3. Ringowu1234

    Ringowu1234 Member

    I can confirm that this works on my Maximus IX Formula, as well as the case LED connected to it.

    Unfortunately it does not control the HyperX Predator RGB RAM which Aura is able to link to.
    Would be nice if it does, but hey, so long as it connects the MB and case LED, I'm happy.
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  4. Christoph121

    Christoph121 New Member

    Great job man! I've been waiting for someone to do this forever! Works beautifully on Maximus XI Extreme, G.Skill RGB Ram, and addressable headers. It even syncs up with my HUE setup!

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  5. M4rkyFresh

    M4rkyFresh New Member

    Hello. I installed this i have a strix b350f. After installing, synapse shows asus in the connected devices but i am unable set any color to them. Any chance you know why?
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  6. DonWolfoz

    DonWolfoz New Member

    work nice!!! i have a Asus B450-F, gskill rams, ROG RTX2060S, ROG aura terminal, and some nanoleaf!! but, i see no sync with ryujin 240
  7. rambler358

    rambler358 New Member

    Will this control the RGB on an Asus monitor that supports Aura Sync?
  8. bizVoltcafe295

    bizVoltcafe295 New Member

    Working great on a Strix Z270F

    FEARNOSKILL New Member

    Im try 2 was 1 day when work.
  10. Xenor123

    Xenor123 New Member

    Thank you so much! It works perfectly! Even the amd wraith 2 is compatibile!!!!!!!
  11. X-Eleven

    X-Eleven New Member

    I'm sorry for asking this but by downloading this will I get a virus or something of the sort
  12. Maurizyo91

    Maurizyo91 New Member

    hi, it worked well the first day then it doesn't work anymore.
    what should i set in synapse and aura?
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