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Bad news about the "100% sRGB" 144hz screen on blade 15...

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Perubizbyte671, Dec 26, 2019.

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  1. Perubizbyte671

    Perubizbyte671 New Member

    Apparently Razer changed the 144hz panel used in their Blade 15 lineups cause I got my unit for a few days.
    They used to use an LG panel LP156WFG-SPF2 / LGD05C0 until maybe mid 2019 when they swapped it with NV156FHM-N4K / BOE0804 from BOE, the thing about this panel tho, is that it does NOT have a 100% sRGB coverage which Razer clearly advertises on their website for their 144hz models.
    Details about this panel:
    I did download and check the datasheet of BOE0804 and after some simple calculation with the RGB coordinates, its proved that color gamut is pretty limited at about 95% sRGB(Unfortunately I dont own a pro calibrator, but the point still stands).
    I know its all about marketing but I am just not really happy about it. I can see if you do it when the number is closer enough like maybe a 98%, but 95%? Man, thats a bit too off isn’t it?
    Also, the previous LG panel from what I heard is really good, optical features here:
    http://www.panelook.com/LP156WFG-SPF2_LG Display_15.6_LCM_parameter_36617.html
    I've watched the review on the youtube channel Mobiletechreview, they gave really high overall scores for this panel which is one of the reasons why I went for the 144hz instead of the 240hz, but Razer changed it for an inferior one. Come on Razer, any explanations?
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  2. Perubizbyte671

    Perubizbyte671 New Member

    Anyone has any comment?
  3. Perubizbyte671

    Perubizbyte671 New Member

    OK, this is just so unsettling, after a few days of use, im just so annoyed by this display panel and this laptop as a whole. The screen freaking uses PWM flickering, it is simply the worst and most unbearble mistake to make, good job Razer. My eyes got really painful after a few hours of staring at it. And the trackpad doesnt work nearly as well either. Im returning this unit ASAP. This is actually my second unit so far, Im so disappointed.
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  4. Perubizbyte671

    Perubizbyte671 New Member

    PWM backlight flickering confirmed here in this review:
    For anyone whos considering the Blade 15 lineup, don't go for 144hz. They are using this panel not only on the base models but also on the advanced models(mine is the advanced one). You either save your eyes and pay an extra 500 bucks to get the 240hz or you just avoid this product at all cost.
    Jeez, a $2300 worth machine with a PWM screen in almost 2020? Only possible with Razer.
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    No I’m quite sure some Blade 15 Models panel are free from pwm, at least on 2018 advanced, never tested pwm my self but as my main PC i never had headaches seeing it for a long time works, media consumption or gaming. Some youtuber even still use this model as his main gear on almost 2020, apparently it has also good colors accuracy for content creators even with high refresh rate panel which’s usually bad. However some user tested pwm quite professionally and found what notebookcheck claimed was not accurate.
  6. digitalwiz

    digitalwiz New Member

    Hi friend,

    I understand you are feeling disillusioned with your razer blade. I can only suggest that maybe your expectations are a bit high for mass manufactured electronics. I once bought a tv that claimed 4k at 60 and then a mid year update it went to 4k at 30. Clearly they made a change in system electronics, lowering the component cost as the retail cost of the tv decline over the months since initial release.

    Other than this feature the tv performed well and I had to decide if it was worth it for me to complain. I decided that while I didn't like the reduced capability, it didn't really affect my day to day use.

    I recommend you consider whether missing 2% of rgb or the pwm refresh is really a deal breaker. If you don't like the full retail price, many best buy's have razer blades, open box, which are usually older and more likely to have the panel you want, and at a lower price.

    best of luck
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