Blackwidow Elite Keyboard keys stuck!!!

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by OPintos, Apr 30, 2021 at 10:09 AM.

  1. OPintos

    OPintos New Member

    Ok, i have enough!!
    I love Razer products, but this is getting ridiculous.
    I can handle that synapse forget my profile and my macros for the tartarus but this is beyond my capacity.

    The keys stuck! Random keys. Ive been struggling with my Blackwidow Elite Keyboard for months and this happens just after turns 2 years old, so goodbye warranty.

    I cant be the only one that is having this issue. Any ideas?

    I already uninstall Synapses
    I already clean the keyboard.

    Nothing works!!! HEEEEEEELP (that was intentional...)...
  2. hhjjsjsalt

    hhjjsjsalt New Member

    Physically or just virtually stuck. Is it like the key completely stuck down like it sticks physically or is when the key has come up but it still registering?
  3. OPintos

    OPintos New Member

    Virtually stuck. It looks like im still pressing the key. And there are random keys, is not 1 in particular... I think is something to do with the firmware of the keyboard. :slightly_sad:
  4. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    If the issue persists on other computer (without Synapse software installed) - probably something is wrong with the mechanical key. You can try cleaning it with Isopropyl alcohol, but if doesn't help - faulty key replacement is your last option (it requires soldering).
  5. OPintos

    OPintos New Member

    Is not hardware-related. I installed Synapse but I didn't log into my account. And I was writing perfectly for 3 days. Today I log-in and my keyboard stop working, or keys again get stuck. So I uninstall Synapse and install it again without log-in and start working again... The sad part is that now I cant customize my tartarus... :slightly_sad:

    Anyone knows of another software that is not synapse to customize the tartarus?
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