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Blackwidow Essential Not Recognized By Synapse

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Qwirk, Jul 11, 2020.

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  1. Qwirk

    Qwirk New Member

    Just what it says in the title.

    Synapse doesn't acknowledge the keyboard.
    Tried Uninstalling/Reinstalling Synapse.
    Tried uninstalling (restarting) and reconnecting the keyboard.
    Windows knows it's a Razer Blackwidow Essential, but Synapse doesn't seem to.

    What's even better is neither does Razer Support --
    Can't even contact support by email since Support doesn't acknowledge the serial number.

    Total Fustercluck
  2. ronborlfan

    ronborlfan New Member

    Yea, Fuck you Razer. I'll never buy another razer product again you fucking jerks! Fuck off! I can't even talk to anybody with out jumping through all kinds of hoops, only to find out I can't get answers anywhere. A total waste of time. Why did I spend so much for this and then get no support? You guy's will never see another dime of my hard earned money. Fuck off you fucking jerks!
  3. My Black Widow is still working, but my Naga 2012 disappeared from the Synapse recently (haven't gamed for a month). I attempted to contact support and entered my serial number to be told that my product is no longer supported. Great way to reward your fan base.
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