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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Dekades, Sep 22, 2020.

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  1. TheSloth0088

    TheSloth0088 New Member

    recently tried out the v3 pro, but ended up returning it and going with the wired Elite. Couldn't see myself paying some $240 for a keyboard I was going to end up keeping wired to begin with! :-O
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  2. Turanticari

    Turanticari New Member

    [QUOTE = "iPhantomhives, gönderi: 641123, üye: 23196"] Klavyenin pil ömrü ne kadar merak ediyorum, teknik özellikleri bulamıyorum .... [/ QUOTE]
    Tam olarak saat verilmiyor senin kullanma dakaikana bağlı ortalama ömrü 3 güne yakjn
  3. Turanticari

    Turanticari New Member

    Tamamen kullanışlı ve uzun ömürlü pil desteği
    Lütfen bir beğeniyi eksik etmeyin
  4. neilxvii

    neilxvii New Member

    I'm planning to buy new keyboard which is better Huntsman Elite or Blackwidow v3? TIA!
  5. dM0nized

    dM0nized New Member

    *Scribbles quickly on his neverending list of Christmas gifts. All Razer products...
  6. emmanuelace

    emmanuelace Member

    Perfect wireless keyboard :heart:
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  7. When will the V3 pro (green switch) be available with Italian layout? I have been looking for it, but it seems not available on the razer store? The only one I can order from the italian store is the one with american layout, which I don't really want (lack of accented letters and differences). Will italian version be available soon or at all?
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  8. River_ssz

    River_ssz Active Member

    I recently got the huntsman te, and I think I’m going to stick with it for a while, but I will definitely consider this keyboard in the future if I have to buy a new keyboard.
  9. coolBisqueJET057

    coolBisqueJET057 New Member

    It really isn't. All kinds of tech users are interested.

    Normal every day desk users that like a clean no visible wires environment -> like wireless.
    There's a decent sized wireless group in keyboard enthusiasts as well.
    Especially as we go into 2021 where more people than ever have spent a decent chunk of the last year working from home, having to crawl under the desk to switch the cable over from the work pc to the gaming pc and back again every time.

    I can only see 2 reasons that might stop every single keyboard user from wanting wireless - potential performance loss, which Razer claim to have eliminated here, and actually liking the aesthetic of a custom cable with a custom board.
  10. coolBisqueJET057

    coolBisqueJET057 New Member

    Please please please make a Tenkeyless version, I'm waiting on that and the tech to have one wireless dongle support multiple devices. (Would be ideal if the connection dropout issues reported in many reviews could also be fixed)
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  11. LordOdin99

    LordOdin99 New Member

    I tried this out and couldn't believe the lack of quality construction. The keys felt super loose and wiggly compared to my other Razer keyboards. I don't know how this passed QA standards but I ended up returning it. If they work those issues out, I'd love to give it another shot.
  12. Does anyone know if the Italian layout version is an ANSI or ISO layout?
    Also will it be available with yellow switches?
  13. friendly_67

    friendly_67 New Member

    Leider gibt es bei mit mit der pro v3 Probleme mit der Wireless-Funktion. Funzt nur noch über Kabel. Die Razer-Wireless-Maus funktioniert über Wirless prima. Auch am Laptop geht die Tastatur nur über Kabel. Demnach werde ich sie wohl zurücksenden.
  14. What we really need is a blackwidow, wireless, with macro keys (like old ones, i'm not upgrading because of this), with backplate lightning, and aluminium. would totally pay 300 for this.
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  15. Seems a missed opportunity to not have the opto switches on this model & the charging aspect kind of takes a way from the wireless feel as you are going to need the keyboard cable around anyway.
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