Blade 14 (2021) How to select GPU?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by geosightHotMagenta369, Jul 22, 2021.

  1. I tried to follow this razer guide on picking which GPU to use but I don't think it's been updated for the blade 14 (2021). None of the options seem to work.

    I tried the included Synapse software (no GPU Mode like in the example photo). I tried the nvidia control panel (no manage display mode). I tried the included AMD software but didn't see anything there either.

    Any ideas?
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Blade 14 is optimus laptop that doesn’t have mux switch (allows the laptop to switch between integrated and discrete GPU, allowing both direct access to the display and eliminating the passthrough. So if a game ran at a theoretical solid 90fps with a mux switch, it might run at 85 fps without one). So there’s no option on synapse, however you can get similar performance upgrade (bypassing optimus, similar with mux mentioned above) using external monitor since all output ports on blade 14 connected directly to nvidia gpu, similar on nvidia dgpu only mode on synapse on blade model that showed on your link. The downside of this for example if you’re doing presentation on external monitor or projector using blade 14 hdmi or usb c port, the battery drain would be faster since it use nvidia gpu all the time.
    Hope it helps.
  3. AliOgun0022

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    Seems like this mux switch craze of increasing FPS through bypassing the integrated GPU (iGPU vs discrete GPU (dGPU)). Kinda muddies the waters if your not asking for this. Let me explain as there are 2 topics in the above reply:

    1. Using the iGPU and turning off the dGPU in order to save power. This is usually what I am asking about in regards to this topic

    2. MUX switch - usually people are referring to the fact that the dGPU processes the graphics and then sends the image through the processor with iGPU WHEN the display of the laptop is only connected to the iGPU vs laptops with a mux switch that allow the dGPU to send the image directly to the display without going through the iGPU - i think of it as 2 separate connections to the display. The FPS takes a hit most notably in very high framerate games like counterstrike or other esports type games when the graphics have to be processed by the iGPU prior to presentation on the display

    The response you got is more number 2. If you're asking about number 1, the answer is still no unfortunately as there is no iGPU mode only on the blade 14. You just have to kind of turn down the settings in various places. you can see that here

    hope this is helpful
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  4. AliOgun0022

    AliOgun0022 New Member

    i kind of explained this in the opposite terms of what the link says but its the same principal no ability to differentiate
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