Blade Pro 17 Mid 2021 @ external Monitor /w Gsync

Discussion in 'Systems' started by webmich, Aug 30, 2021.

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  1. webmich

    webmich Member

    Got a 27“ Asus 1440p 165Hz Gsync IPS Screen and a USB-C to DisplayPort cable.

    Gsync on this external monitor worked fine with the Blade Pro 17 Early 2021, since the 3070 was directly connected to the USB-C port.

    With the new Blade Pro 17 it seems like the USB-C is no longer connected to the nVidia GPU but instead to the CPU/iGPU and therefor the USB-C port can only be used to drive a external monitor in Optimus Mode.

    Enable Gsync in the nVidia Settings on the external monitor is only possible in dGPU only mode, but in this non-Optimus dGPU only mode the USB-C ports on the Blade Pro 17 are no able to output anything since they are connected to the CPU/iGPU.

    No Gsync on external monitor on Blade Pro 17 Mid 2021 I guess…

    My Asus 1440p 165Hz IPS is HDMI 2.0, so no way to get Gsync working on HDMI either.
Thread Status:
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