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  1. headtruckCeil526

    headtruckCeil526 New Member

    Hi guys I just this laptop today and I started to notice that the RIGHT CTRL key has a different tint of white when I set my backlight to pure white. I have tried to go through the RGBW spectrum and I hypnotize that the BLUE led of that key is much dimmer than the others. I feel like this is a software problem since when sometimes when I boot up the computer all the LEDs are fine for a while before Razer Synapse boots up, however, I'm starting to think its a firmware issue in the RGB controller since I have booted to a live ubuntu os, and a fresh install of windows on a thunderbolt drive and installed razer synapse and the issue is still there.

    I find this very frustrating since this is my first razer laptop and I have only used this thing for about 3 hours and issues are already arriving. I will be using this laptop every day since I have school and this lighting problem really bothers me since I work at night a lot.

    Please, anyone, help me.

  2. headtruckCeil526

    headtruckCeil526 New Member

  3. Razer.Lauriat

    Razer.Lauriat Title: Entitled

    That's kinda unusual. Have you tried updating the keyboard driver through Device Manager?
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