Broken Sound (Razer Kraken)

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Neuzzz, Mar 31, 2021.

  1. Neuzzz

    Neuzzz New Member

    (sorry for my perfect 100% legit english lol)

    Hi, i bought Razer Krakens about 1,5 year ago. Everything was fine until sound in my laptop broke (when 3.5mm was fully inside the port sound came only from 1 ear piece, i fixed it by plugging 3.5mm halfway into the audio port. Now my method doesn't work anymore + the headphones broke (Plugged them into my phone and other laptop but the sound came only came from left ear piece), also i can't send them back because i lost any proof of buying them.
  2. WildBanan

    WildBanan New Member

    I have same issue. Restarted my pc and now sound comes only from 1 side ( left)... Tried on other devices and same issue. My headphones are always on the table so i dont know how could they break... Did you manage to fix it ? I have razer kraken 2019 edition headphones
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