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Can you repaint over a paint chip?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by R7412, Sep 28, 2019.

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  1. R7412

    R7412 Member

    Razer Blade Stealth owner here.
    On the edge of the laptop, I have very small, almost unnoticeable silver chips where the black paint has gone away.
    Is it possible to paint over that? If so, do you know any specific product or color to be used?
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  2. GregTheChief

    GregTheChief New Member

    Hey did U find a solution to this? Have a small silver chip on the top edge of the display. Any ideas?
  3. R7412

    R7412 Member

    A permanent black marker somewhat hides but, it goes away anytime you rub it against something, and since it's on my bag most of the time...Yeah.
    Good luck to hide your own and keep me updated if you find a satisfying solution.
  4. GregTheChief

    GregTheChief New Member

    I think a Matt black nailpolish would do the job. I will inform you
  5. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    in for an answer, lmk if someone comes up with something decent
  6. R7412

    R7412 Member

    Interesting idea. I'm looking forward to your update.
  7. stavroski

    stavroski New Member

    any word on this guys? I have a few chips too
  8. iDATUS

    iDATUS Active Member

    What the hell am I reading. ;)
    Ok this is what I would do, get a small black spray can, matt finish.
    Clean the area, a degreaser from kitchen maybe?
    Put tape around the area and cover the laptop.
    Then try practice spraying on something to get it absolute fine, I would say some feet away.
    If you like the result then try it on the laptop spot.
    Just needs to be enough to take the silver shine off.
    Worth a shot.
  9. ElementOne

    ElementOne Active Member

    Birchwood casey super black touch up pen (flat black) works for me.
  10. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    There are many ways you can tackle this. It's really dependent on how big the dings and chips are. You can use something like an auto-touch-up paint pen and dab it onto the area, sand it flush and matte clear over it.

    Nail polish will work too, they make matte black nail polish and even matte clear polish. I have used nail polish to touch up paint on guitars in the past and it works like a charm, there's no reason it couldn't work for this application as well.

    Aluminum / metal stains will also work pretty well and might give you a more true looking final finish since these blades are all anodized. Something like the Birchwood casey super black pen (or jar of dye) that was mentioned above will work great.
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