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CES Fan Appreciation Event - Sign Ups Now Open

Discussion in 'RazerStore Promotions' started by Dekades, Jan 17, 2020.

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  1. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    I'm not sure about that. In the past, they've e-mailed codes out a bit earlier than three hours away, but I'm not privy to exactly how everything is running this year.
  2. reme1986

    reme1986 Member

    Fair enough man, just nervous thats all as we all hoping to get what we want :smile_:
  3. ShadowStrider1

    ShadowStrider1 New Member

    Im a bit confused, I live in The netherlands. How late will it start for me?
  4. reme1986

    reme1986 Member

    is it not due now?
  5. richigobankai

    richigobankai New Member

    Yup, like 5 minutes ago now...
  6. reme1986

    reme1986 Member

    me and friends are just sat here on discord waiting for our codes panicking XD
  7. Tetifraquace

    Tetifraquace New Member

    Some received his code already ? I'm still waiting mine :ccc
  8. babideebabidoo

    babideebabidoo Well-Known Member

    Looks like I'm not the only one. I have been waiting since midnight, frequently checking my email but to no avail.
  9. Same, also waiting, no mention on the twitter about it :slightly_sad:
  10. parac1oXX

    parac1oXX Member

    oh wow. I already took part in both the last CES fan sales back in the days. And I successfully spent a lot of money on this company (signature) by now... so you better get this sale done right, Min!
  11. Sikboy1029

    Sikboy1029 New Member

    If anybody happens to get a code they decide not to use and can spare it I'd appreciate it, looking to get one of those wolverine controllers & I bet I'm not the only one who missed out due to website issues.
  12. richigobankai

    richigobankai New Member

    its odd, because the american and asian sales go up at the same time but european says 3 hours earlier.
  13. parac1oXX

    parac1oXX Member

    oh boy, like you dont wanna say they just messed up with UTC times - again? :mad_::mad_:o_O
  14. reme1986

    reme1986 Member

    yeah just what I was thinking, surely the sale doesnt start at the same time globally if it says midnight CET which is 11pm for me in the UK.

    If it is globally and the CET time is wrong, then looks like im stayiong up till 2am bois
  15. parac1oXX

    parac1oXX Member

    Exams in universitiy starting this week... Razer sale going on late at night in EU... ok give af. I better fetch a "scottish malt drink" and get this started... :rolleyes::smile_:
  16. reme1986

    reme1986 Member

    gonna just assume the sale start time was wrong and that its actually 2:00AM GMT
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  17. Yorin92

    Yorin92 New Member

  18. reme1986

    reme1986 Member

    so like hopefully it works now lol
  19. reme1986

    reme1986 Member

    still no codes and the sale is supossed to have started? anyone know whats going on?
  20. MatthewMak

    MatthewMak Member

    still no codes came in for me in SG
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