Chroma Studio don't keep chroma profile

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by _omiggs, Mar 31, 2019.

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  1. _omiggs

    _omiggs New Member

    Few weaks ago, I figure out that my Razer Cynosa Chroma was having a issue with the Chroma in Synapse 3.

    1. First, from time to time, randomly, all the keyboard leds stops and restart in a second. Always that: go black and back to my chroma profile.
      It wasn't happening when I was using any Chroma app, and also not having this trouble when I wasn't using Synapse. It happened only when I was using Synapse 3.
    2. Now, when the leds stops, it goes back to the last quick effect used.
      If I set a static quick effect, of any color, or a wave or any quick effect, and then change to a custom effect made in Chroma Studio, in few minutes my keyboard resets and go back to the quick effect. It still doesn't happen when I am using a Chroma app.
  2. _omiggs

    _omiggs New Member

    I tried:
    • Restart pc
    • Change USB port
    • Uninstall and reinstall Synapse
    • Delete everything and reinstall Windows 10
    • Use other Synapse account
  3. _omiggs

    _omiggs New Member

    A thing I realized right now: when I log out of my account, log in with test account and then go back to my own account, the item '2' stops happening. But, if I restart the pc, it happens again.
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