Chroma X means random freezes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kraythen, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. kraythen

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    I bought a Chroma X a few weeks ago. Since then I have reinstalled my computer, reinstalled my drivers numerous times, had the chroma replaced thinking it was a hardware issue. It wasn't. My Razer Advanced 2019 early just random freezes to thee point where the mouse doesn't even move and it does this only with the chroma x plugged in.

    Beware that if you buy this device you are likely to face the same issue. I have gone from a Razer fanboy to a "never buy from them again" in 3 weeks.

    Good luck and you aren't alone.

    Edit: Gave the eGPU one star on amazon.
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  2. JarpoK

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    Hi. I've got the exact same problem. I got the full package (Ornata Chroma, Tartarus V2, Mamba Elite and Firefly) just to discover that their software ramdom freezes my computer. Not just the mouse or keyboard, just the full computer (if something is playing it stops and makes nasty sounds). Last weekend unistalled their software and didn't have any freeze. On monday I installed their software again and the freeze started again. I believe I'm going to return all of their product and replace them with hardware from another brand.
  3. JR0nin

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    @kraythen hello, have you talked to Razer support team about this issue. If not i would request you to talk to them first as they can help you to dig down to the root cause.

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