Core V2 Connection Problems - How to Troubleshoot

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by dazzaling69, Oct 11, 2021.


Does anyone have eGPU connectivity or reliability issues?

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  1. Often fails to recognise the eGPU or graphics card or other component

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  1. dazzaling69

    dazzaling69 New Member

    I have a Core V2 with an nVidia 1660 card which I use with 4 different laptops (depending on who in the house has their laptop plugged into it). The most consistent thing is the inconsistency with connections and I would like to know if anyone has any advice on troubleshooting.

    Many of the problems are reported on other threads, but here is my list of what sometimes/often/rarely happens. I should say that I am not a gamer - I use this mostly for the extra performance from the GPU in multimonitor setups and the connectivity to USB and ethernet.

    • Never recovers from sleep. Once a laptop has been in sleep mode it will never reconnect to the GPU without a restart. Plug and Play is broken
    • Some laptops don't recognise the USB or GPU devices until after logged in to Windows, sometimes requiring disconnecting and reconnecting the cable
    • Some laptops intermittently lose the ethernet connection. Troubleshooting it in Windows brings it back for a few moments, but then it drops out again. Others are perfectly fine
    • Looking in Device Manager, the laptops might pull different drivers from Microsoft's Driver service, which may explain some of the behaviours. Razer support declined to provide any of the drivers, which may have helped me work around or test the issues. The internet has drivers, but not from sources I would consider trustworthy
    • There is the occasional stutter in Windows performance with some of the laptops when running some applications. Hard to say why but the whole performance sometimes drops every few minutes for a few seconds, interrupting anything I'm doing.

    I recently tried a Win11 upgrade on one laptop. That seems to have made things less reliable.

    I suspect there are some power management, registry settings or driver solutions I could try. Razer support has not been able to help. Does anyone have any guides or suggestions of what to try?

    PS. The power charge is always working - the cable is connected.

  2. DancherBoi

    DancherBoi New Member

    I just recently got my hands on a used Chroma. Currently have a 3060Ti in it and hooking it up to a Surface Pro 8. Works great most of the time...but I came to this forum looking for solutions for your first 2 bullet points. If I disconnect from USB, then reconnect it, the Core X wakes up (as indicated by the LEDs and power supply fan turning on) but the video signal from the 3060 doesn't make it to my display.
  3. dazzaling69

    dazzaling69 New Member

    It seems that no-one really cares. I've been trying to get help and support on this for over a year. I now more or less live with it.

    One thing that is crucial on all of the laptops I own is the need to disable link state power management - all computers I have lock up after a few minutes without that. That in itself is not encouraging and not explained anywhere in Razer's documentation.

    I have two Dell XPS 13 laptops that both work reasonably well at reconnecting, but my other three (a Dell XPS 15 and two HP laptops) don't - they don't reconnect the graphics card. There seems to be no setting to change that makes any difference and reinstalling Windows makes no difference either.

    I am sure there is a reason for this that is known, even if there is not a fix. Razer support seems to have no interest in providing answers though.
  4. DancherBoi

    DancherBoi New Member

    After posting to this thread...I kept digging for solutions and came across a post (don't have it handy) where someone said they uninstalled Razer Synapse and the problem with connecting to the GPU went away. I have since done that and can't report anything yet as I haven't used it enough this way to share any real world experience. Give that a try if you haven't already.
  5. dazzaling69

    dazzaling69 New Member

    I have installed Razer Synapse on one of the laptops then uninstalled it - it's not useful for me. I don't think that is an issue.

    There are no official drivers or settings. Given that ASMedia drivers can be flakey and there is no installation process that disables link state power management it seems that Razer believes you are on your own re. fixing any issues.
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