Cynosa Chroma is double typing

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Jayden257, Aug 12, 2020.

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  1. Jayden257

    Jayden257 New Member

    Hello, My "q'" key is double typing and i need help please can anyone help me when i click it is says "qw" please help.
  2. Fehdaykin

    Fehdaykin New Member

    I have the exact same issue since wednesday.
    q = qw
    2 = 2 and up-arrow
    numpad+ adds numpad0
    numpad-delete adds numpad-minus
  3. I had this issue since morning today.
    t = ty
    b = vb
    Any help please???
  4. easyDarkTanshare274

    easyDarkTanshare274 New Member

    1 = 12
  5. Angeln9ner

    Angeln9ner New Member

    My cynosa chroma pro just started double typing my 'f' key as 'df' Older threads had customer service request serial# PM'd to them.

    Anyone get a solution yet? Thanks
  6. Fehdaykin

    Fehdaykin New Member

    Customer service wanted a photo copy of my receipt. I regrettably did not keep it. they claimed my 1 yr old keyboard was 3 yrs old. So I did not get any further support.

    solution: I bought new Corsair keyboards.

    I don’t think I’ll ever trust Razer products again. A few weeks after the Chroma malfunctioned, my Razer Huntsman Elite started giving similar issues with the F key. It was barely even used as it was mainly a “guest pc”. It’s still under warranty, but honestly I’m not even going to bother anymore. All I’d get back is the same polished turd.
    I wish you luck with yours.
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  7. ChrisM431

    ChrisM431 New Member

    since yesterday mine is acting weird, too.
    It's the "-" key .-> ".-" (German layout) and "ö" .-> "öä"

    Bought it only 11 months ago, razer customer on Twitter only asked for my SN and nothing else happened. Not even a "HW fault, sorry. Do an RMA if under warranty", nothing.

    My old 20 bucks no.-name keyboard lasted for 8 years and I only replaced it because the WASD keys were nowhere near readable anymore.
    For 70 bucks you'd expect something else.
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