Death Adder Elite and Black Widow - Synapse 2 Issues??

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by kuruption, Jan 10, 2022.

  1. kuruption

    kuruption New Member

    I understand this will be a difficult one to diagnose but I suspect it is a software/driver issue. But am open to opinions/solutions. I suspect these issues are related. Using death adder elite and black widow keyboard with synapse two on windows 7.

    Last night while playing a card game, my left mouse click key began to act erratically. It would ignore 90% of my clicks, but some would go through. There was no obvious onset of the problem. It was sudden and during the middle of a game. As I was testing the issue for the next 10 minutes, the left mouse click began to stop working entirely, but at the same time, my right click mouse key began acting as my left mouse clicker, with the left mouseclick not working at all. I was able to open synapse (with great difficulty) to check and see if the mouse settings had been changed somehow- they had not. I restarted the computer entirely, rechecked synapse, tried to update software but was informed it was up to date. Logged in and out of synapse. Now the left mouse was working maybe 50-70% of the time. Uninstalled synapse. Reinstalled and im around 90% of my left mouse clicks going through currently. But I am not getting full use of the left mouse clicker at this time to my obvious frustration.

    - Curiously, about a month or so ago, I noticed when I type, random keys will act as if I have pressed the key multiple times. Not a big deal really, i cleaned the keyboard by removing individual keys, no improvement or solution has been found (I had assumed it was synapse issue).

    - Curiously, some of my in game settings have changed in the games I am playing. This all coincided with the mouse behaving poorly last night. I have updated and run my antivirus software, no issues found.
  2. kuruption

    kuruption New Member

    Also, I saw some people asking questions about their mouse sensitivity randomly changing during games on this forum. I was not able to directly respond to their problem and I noticed the moderators/support responses did not mention a solution I have found for the death adder elite. I found that on the death adder elite, their are 2 buttons next to the scroll wheel that change the sensitivity of the mouse and most will users will not realize that this can happen from accidentally bumping them while in a game. I had thought it was a software bug, but no, just lock the settings/disable the buttons.
  3. kuruption

    kuruption New Member

    So I got about an hour and a half of high quality gaming in tonight. 99% of left clicks were working. Mouse movement is perfect. When suddenly the problems have returned. Running some tests on mouse click accuracy. Essentially what I am noticing is that I will get high number of clicks working correctly for say 60 seconds, then all the sudden for 3-10 seconds the left click just wont work or maybe 5% of clicks get through during that period. Im not noticing any resource hogging in the CPU and/or memory usage. So the computer is not "lagging" due to processes.

    Is the next step uninstall my anti-virus and reinstall? What other things could I try here?
  4. kuruption

    kuruption New Member

    Final Update:

    Left click accuracy fixed still getting maybe .5% ghost clicks, but it is manageable for gaming again. Not fully fixed but dramatic improvement. Hoping this will save someone a headache someday.

    1) Did a system restore to the week before the incident.
    2) uninstalled all mouse drivers AND razer synapse software.
    3) restarted computer with mouse and keyboard disconnected, switched usb ports.
    4) reinstalled razer synapse software.

    Hope this helps!
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