Deathadder Elite lighting preferences overridden by games, stays after game is closed

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by MinscTDP, Nov 10, 2019 at 2:30 PM.

  1. MinscTDP

    MinscTDP New Member

    The lights on my Razer Deathadder Elite started coming on, and staying on, despite being set to None in Razer Synapse, in the Mouse > Lighting > Scroll Wheel and Mouse > Lighting > Logo tabs.

    This started when I downloaded Just Cause 4 during the Steam free play weekend, and I also bought Hitman 2. I have never seen the lights come on for any other game, so to see the mouse light up just because I launched a game was surprising.

    Worse, upon returning to desktop, the lights stay on. I have to launch Synapse, go to both the lighting tabs, change it from None to Breathing (or any other effect) and then back to None to get them to turn off and stay off - which only lasts until the next time I launch one of those games.

    Please fix this, or explain a workaround that will permanently disable the lights or prevent games from affecting the lights in any way.

    I can see how if my keyboard lit up too and it sync'd with the game that this would be cool, but frankly, my hand is on the mouse so all this does is irritate me the moment I take my hand off the mouse. When I quit a game and want to kick back and watch movies I have to deal with this first or else this bright light is going to be in the corner of my eye all night.

    I found the option in Hitman 2 to disable Razer Chroma but couldn't find a similar option in Just Cause 4, and I really shouldn't have to look for one in every game, and when the game closes, it should REVERT back to whatever is set in Synapse.
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