Default THX game mode spatial direction / position is broken in synapse3

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Se73NBrosWorkeR, Jul 21, 2021 at 7:32 PM.

  1. Se73NBrosWorkeR

    Se73NBrosWorkeR New Member

    I've attached a photo for my issue with thx spatial audio game mode. As you can see clearly that by default the position/directional is not correct and also it is only showing 5 channels instead of 7.(The 2 rear channels are overlapping) This issue is only at game mode. Music and Movie modes are perfectly fine. I am using black shark v2 pro. Kindly advise is this an issue with the software and will be fix by the next update or is there anything I can do to fix this. I already tried clean uninstall and tried it on another computer but the issue still persists.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you.
    Screenshot (8).png
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