Ducky Shine 7 Chroma connect doesn't work.

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by ocp15k, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. ocp15k

    ocp15k New Member

    any news on this? able to select it in Ducky software and in synapse but the keyboard just goes black.
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  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Not sure about Ducky's software, but I know thermaltake's software comes up with a warning when it does not want to work, and my devices from Thermaltake also went black.

    To fix that for thermaltake's software, I went into the "Add or remove programs" menu on windows 10, went to Synapse 3 and clicked uninstall. It should come up with a menu where you can uninstall, repair or modify. Click repair, and it should start downloading or installing something for Synapse, and for me it did the same with Cortex (if you have it downloaded). After that it worked just fine for me.
  3. ocp15k

    ocp15k New Member

    just tried it but doesn't work. thanks though
  4. andrew.putrajaya

    andrew.putrajaya New Member

    Make sure you have updated both Synapse3 and DuckyRGB software
    In DuckyRGB, Click + button to add "Razer Chroma Connect"
    Then, check out Synapse3 will display the list of Connected Devices software
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  5. ocp15k

    ocp15k New Member

    thanks for that, i've done that already but my keyboard is still blank. which firmware are you on? I'm on .05.

    so your ducky is working fine with synapse?
  6. ocp15k

    ocp15k New Member

    according to ducky and razer reps, you must own a razer chroma product for your compatible devices to work.
    The above gif does show it detected, but the lights shouldn't work according to the reps.
  7. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    This is correct. The Chroma engine doesn't activate until it detects a Razer Chroma device connected to the PC.
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  8. Alexqueso

    Alexqueso New Member

    And why its have to be like that? Why not use the compatible products directly without the need of a Razer Chroma device?

    I have a Ducky, and i was excited to try this, but now i guess i cant use it...
  9. ocp15k

    ocp15k New Member

    don't bother buying a razer product aswell. I did being told buy ducky and the rep above that it will make my ducky work with overwatch. well guess what, it didn't.
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  10. andrew.putrajaya

    andrew.putrajaya New Member

    Yes, my ducky is able to sync with Synapse lighting effect, and Overwatch as well.
    Do note that I also have Razer mouse and keyboard connected, as you can see in the Synapse tab.
  11. ocp15k

    ocp15k New Member

    would love to see it working with overwatch. i bought the goliathus chroma just so that my ducky would work.
  12. ocp15k

    ocp15k New Member

    managed to get it working with overwatch but the effects are terrible, it glitches the ducky shine 7. is yours the same?
  13. ocp15k

    ocp15k New Member

    spoke with the ducky crew, was told to send a video and in return they sent me a video too. we both have the same issue. really low brightness and glitches randomly.
  14. ocp15k

    ocp15k New Member this is a video of the Ducky admin testing it. as you can see, can hardly see any lights and its a glitch mess. The colour waves for lucio doesn't make sense and when ultimate is ready, its a glitchy mess.
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